Unit 3: Book Art – Progress Report

Unit 3: Book Art – In Progress

  1. Upload a photo of your book project so far
  2. Photo on 1-3-16 at 8.20 AM
  3. What are you doing to transform the book?

I used the medium to glue my book together making it a solid object. From there I took some pages in the middle to make a border in the middle to separate the two sides of the book. I have one of my sides as a “good” side where the chalkboard (the border)where they are good lessons and it is neat and tidy. The other side of the chalkboard is the “bad” side where the pages are all messed up as well as the lessons of the chalkboard are bad lessons for life.

  1. How are your ideas original?

I have not ever seen someone that did this because I am using the physical book to make two sides then showing the two different types of learning; good learning and bad learning.

  1. What techniques are you using to create your sculpture? (Collage, newspaper form, diorama, etc)\

I have used cutting on both sides of the chalkboard as well as using the medium to make my book a solid object.

  1. Evaluate your craftsmanship – how much care and attention to detail are you putting into your sculpture?

I am putting quite a lot of the detail into my project because I have to make sure that everything is as good as it can be. With the medium holing the book together well and the chalk paper being good there is a lot of things to watch out for.

  1. Evaluate your time management – how are you using your time?

At this point, I am using a lot of my time just decorating and exaggerating both sides of my book.

  1. What improvements could you make?

I could probably make the chalkboard look a lot nicer (maybe not neater on the bad side for affect) but just making it look nicer.

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