Campus Space

Photo on 7-4-16 at 8.36 AMPhoto on 7-4-16 at 8.36 AM #2

Who is it for:

The amphitheatre is for the entire HKIS community to connect the school and give an open affect to the school.

What is the design:

The design is based off of the ancient Roman amphitheatres that opens up an area.

Where is it:

This actually takes the body of the entire school by being the outline. All the lockers and the classroom are on the inside walls of the rings of the amphitheatre.

Why was it made:

The amphitheatre was made to open up the school and create a more outside affect at the school. On a sunny day at HKIS, the amphitheatre helps to extenuate beautiful day.

Do you notice anything that could be improved about the space:

The amphitheatre has very tall, high stairs that are a hassle to step on and are a hazard. Although there are also small stairs, the large stairs are not the strongest architectural point.

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