Unit 4: Community Center for Refugees in HK

1) You will be graded on including photographs as documentary evidence of your work. Upload the following:

  • 1 overhead view and 2 side view perspectives drawings AND any preliminary designs made
  • 3 or more photos of your building model from different angles (including wide angle and close up photographs)

IMG_6571 IMG_6571 IMG_6584 IMG_6572 IMG_6582 IMG_6580 IMG_6578

Written Reflection:

2) Explain who your design is for. Who makes up the particular community? (You may have to do some research or think back to Ms. Chan’s talk)

This design was best fit for a refugee community center. This building that we designed had both the apartment blocks for the refugees and a community facilities for refugees such as a pool, a garden, a rooftop and a fireplace. We began this process by making a brain frame to outline the needs of the refugees and how we were going to meet them. For example, the need safety was met by having locks and a security system. The who of who makes up this particular community are obviously the refugees. The refugees living in this complex are not at the best time of their life right now and all I would that we could do is make it as enjoyable as possible. 

3) Explain what your design is inspired by. What ideas and inspirations helped shape your design? Use specific examples from your model to share.

Our design is inspired by modern architecture and having lots of openness and glass. This was portrayed in our sculpture because we had a cylinder that was entirely covered in glass which made the greenery and water stand out even more. Ideas such as buildings near nature that were made out of glass which were eco-friendly inspired the process of the building of our sculpture.

4) Explain where you envision your design to be located (in Hong Kong) AND how that shaped your building design (Think back to Mr. Leung’s talk)

From Mr. Leung’s talk, I can envision our sculpture to be somewhere in the New Territories for two main reasons. The first reason because our sculpture has a lot of nature and such around which would be perfect in the New Territories where there is less touched land. Secondly, our building is very large, therefore it would only be feasible to have a building that size in an area where land is less expensive.


5) Explain why your building is relevant. What needs are you meeting and how are you doing that?

Our building is relevant for many reasons. The first reason being that not everyone in Hong Kong have the luxury of being near nature and greenery, however in our building, we have surrounded the building in greenery and nature so that the building and its surroundings are more visually appealing. Secondly, there is a big safety component that was met during the building of our building. This idea was inspired from the Kowloon Walls City where the crime rates were incredibly high. We thought to battle this by having an intricate security system where you can only reach your flat if you have your key. Thirdly, the need of community is being met by having the first two floors of our building just being community centers such as pools, lounges and gyms.


6) How are you addressing the need of beauty in your design? (How is your design contributing to making life more beautiful?)

The need of beauty is very heavily being addressed in our building. If one were to look at our building, it is needless to say that it is quite visually appealing. This is because of all the greenery including trees that have taken over the surroundings of our building. Additionally, I had the idea of including real rocks from the HKIS garden to give it a more nature effect. Thirdly, we created a water stream that went through the outside area of the building which brought water into our building. Fourthly, having a rooftop that had a fireplace which represents community to me and having trees on the roof are such a huge sign of beauty. Lastly, the glass that outlines the entire building allows the building to be even more beautiful because everything is clear.

7) What design element are your most proud of?

The design element that I am most proud of the actual making of our building. This was done by first sketching and planning out our ideas. Then, we traced styrofoam paper to create circular levels for the building. Following that, we then made a clear, small cylinder in the middle of the structure to hold the floors up, which also doubled as a glass elevator. To finish it off, we then used clear plastic to outline the building with the help of clear, double sided tape.

8) What design element needs further refinement and improvement?

I think that we could have improved on making the tree more withstanding. The trees that we built were indeed good however there was much room for improvement. There was constant trouble of holding the trees up so that they would not fall down. We would have always glue back trees that have fallen over. Additionally, the leaves on the trees were made very messily which did on one hand give a rough effect that was nice but then on the other hand it looked messy and unput together.

9) In your opinion, how important is architecture? Provide a definition of architecture and explain its relevance in your life and in our society.

The definition of architecture is the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings. The relevance of architecture in our life and in our society is so prevalent but sometimes we forget how much it is. Every building we walk into, every sculpture that is standing all made through the beautiful process of architecture. Without architecture, we would not have the buildings that we spend most of our time in, we would not have the beautiful homes and houses that hold and family’s life and we would not have buildings that hold up our society. Before this project, I had little to no interest in the study and process of architecture and building buildings. However, no that we have finished this project, I can say that I am very interested in exploring architecture even more in the future. 

Unit 4: Architectural Form

1) Paris, France

  • Upload a photo(s) of your selected architectural form.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 11.57.01 AM

  • Who is the architect? Where is it located? What year was it constructed? What materials were used?

Gustave Eiffel and Stephen Sauvestre were the architects. The Eiffel Tower is located in Paris, France. It was constructed in the year 1887. The material used to build the Eiffel Tower was puddling iron.

  • What is the history of the architectural form? What is the purpose?

The Eiffel Tower was built for the 1889’s World Fair to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the French Republic.

  • Share memorable features or stories that make it more interesting to you.

The Eiffel Tower is a huge bucket list thing to do as believed by some people to be the most romantic place on earth.

Book Art – Final

Photo on 8-3-16 at 8.53 AM #3Photo on 8-3-16 at 8.53 AM #2Photo on 8-3-16 at 8.53 AM

Evaluate your overall work by examining your idea (how did you develop your idea to completion?) and technique (how successful was your technique?)

Overall, I am happy with my end result of my book art. My idea at the beginning of this project was to create a divide of the book: a good side and a bad side. The end result is a good representation of what I aspired to create which is something that I am content with. The first thing I did was split the book in half and used the strategy of making my book into a solid object with the special glue so the book could be the foundation. Then, I created a wall the separate the two sides. From there, I represented the good side by having nice, clean cut outs and represented the bad side of having all mix-matching, ripped out pages. I also created a chalkboard affect in the middle with special black paper because the book’s title is “Breathing Lessons” and I thought of school, chalkboards from this. Therefore, I used this black paper to create the cardboard affect. Lastly, on both sides of the book, I wrote bad lessons on the bad lesson side of the book and wrote good lessons on the good lesson side of the book. In conclusion, this project was a great way to express creativity in such a simplistic thing which is something that I very much enjoy.

Unit 2: Pottery (Coil Pot)

2) How have you chosen to represent the theme “The Sands of Time” in your coil pot? Explain with examples.

With the pot that I created, I chose to represent the theme “The Sands of Time” in many different ways. One way that I chose to represent this was the subtly, engraved, grandfather-clock in the middle of my pot. This represents time to me because a clock keeps track of time and so the clock in the middle of the pot represents all the time that is passing. However, I specifically chose to put the this clock in the bottom of my piece rather than on the sides of my piece because I wanted to signify that the passing of time is always there but people do not always see this. For example, when a child is young, all the parents can think about is how youthful and full of light they are; only thinking about they young ages, thinking that this child will be a baby forever. However, time does pass and many times people do not notice all the time that has passed; especially parents. Having the clock was a huge example of the theme. Another example of the theme that I chose to represent in my pot was the “mishaps” or “mistakes” that were in my pot. Although when I was crafting the pot, these changes looked large and detrimental, if you look at the pot at a whole, you can barely notice these little flaws about the pot. This represents things that happen throughout our life. We may mess up in life and it may see as if the entire world is falling and that this is the biggest thing that will ruin our life. However in reality, this little thing does not matter in the long run as is it only temporary. Lastly, I chose to place a starfish on top of the majority of the pot to represent that someone or something is always looking out for you in the world no matter what.

3) How is your coil pot different from your lantern? Give 3 explanations.

Firstly, for the lantern, we used the pinch-pot strategy to construct it but for the coil pot we built it up around a cup originally. This helps us create a more stable and creative shape when creating a pot or a lantern. Secondly, whilst I was building the coil pot, I used the scratch and slick strategy because I was using “strings” of clay to build the formation of the pot. Which leads me onto my third point: to build the pinch-pot, I did not use any cut up strings of clay, instead I just finished the clay ball and sculpted from there. With the coil pot however, I did use strings of pottery. Fourthly, for the coil pot, I created little pieces to add onto the pot but with the lantern I did not do this.

4) What improvements could you make to your work?

If I could make any improvements to my work, I would have probably used the sponge and tools more diligently when I was finishing up my piece. By doing this, my piece could look a lot more defined and have a lot more depth to it. Because of not using this technique, the surface on the outside of my pot is a little bland and less defined than it could have been. In addition, I would have also used the slick and scratch technique in such a way that I did not have my pot being so moist to a point where I could barely hold onto it. I know that this bad because this will eventually dry my pot out however I did not think about this during the original process. Overall, I think I did quite well with this project and I cannot wait to do another pottery involved project.

Romeo and Juliet

The contrast between my parents and I is quite interesting when it comes to picking a mate. My parents and I actually had quite similarities when it came to picking partners. We both had the same principals which was a surprise for me. We both wanted someone who was intelligent, athletic, hard working, motivated, successful and good looking more or less. However, it still wouldn’t want my parents to be the one that pick out my partner. Though there are similarities in our choosing process, there are still probably many things that we wouldn’t agree about. I would want to pick my partner out myself and not have my parents pick it out for me without my input. I cannot imagine those who have their parents pick out who they will be spending the rest of their lives with. Although this process it crucial to many cultures, I would despise if this were to be done to me. It would be hard to put myself in Juliet’s perspective and see what it would be like to have your parents pick out your partner for the rest of your life.


William Shakespeare

What do you already know about William Shakespeare? Take five

minutes to record any information you think you know about him

and his achievements.

I know that he was a famous play writer and he also wrote stories. He was British and died the same day that he was born. He was born about 400 years ago. In addition, he invented about 1,000 English words.

Use the websites below to help you answer the following


What was Shakespeare’s date of birth?

Was baptised on April 26 1564 and born on the 23

Where did he go to school, and what was it like?

King Edward VI Grammar School in Stratford

What do we know about his family?

He father was a glover maker and shoe merchant and his mother was the daughter of a well-to-do landowner from Wilmcote, South Warwickshire

Why did he go to London?

He made is way to London without his family to work in theatre

With which theatres and companies was Shakespeare involved?

The Globe Theatre and Lord Chamberlain’s Company

Who were Shakespeare’s contemporaries?

Richard Burbage, Henry Wriothesley,

When did he die and what is special about this date?

He died the same day as his birthday which was April 23

What did he leave his wife in his will?

His second best bed



How many plays did Shakespeare write?

38 plays

What three categories can we put his plays into?

TragediesComedies, and Histories.

Name two plays from each category.

Famous tragedies: Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar

Famous Comedies: As you like it, The winter’s tale

Famous Histories: Henry V, King John


The Globe Theatre

Take a few minutes and note down anything below that you may

know about the Globe Theatre.

This was a theatre that William Shakespeare was involved in.

Go to this link and work through the Virtual Globe.

Note take some interesting facts that you learn about the theatre

itself and the society and culture of the time.

  • Many famous plays have been preformed here
  • There is beautiful architecture
  • Very visually appealing
  • There is lots of history enclosed within these walls

Act 1 Scene 1

Whilst the servants of the Capulet family and the servants from the Montague family were in the market, they start to quarrel which turns into physical fighting. Then after, the fathers of the Capulet and the Montague join in the fight. This fight is then stopped by the Prince of Verona who says that if they fight like this in public again, they will be sentenced to death. Someone from the Montague family is hurt in the fight and has to be treated. Back at the Montague house later, Romeo’s parents wonder where he is all day and what he does. Romeo then returns to his house and is disgusted with the way that his father is so hateful unlike him.

Act 1 Scene 2

Juliet’s dad (Cupulet) was convincing Paris to marry to Juliet. However, Juliet is extremely young and is not even 14 yet. Now, Paris will try to Whoo! Juliet’s heart and try to get her to marry him.

Act 1 Scene 3

Juliet’s mom comes to convince Juliet to marry Paris. Juliet is very young and aspires to one day become married but not yet. Juliet’s nurse is exceedingly excited about this matter but still sees Juliet as a little girl not a woman could get married anytime soon.

Act 1 Scene 4

Mercuito (Romeo’s best friend) convinces Romeo to go to the party even though Romeo had uneasy feelings about it. Romea tell Mercuito about a dream that he had a about a uncertain death but Mercuito just makes fun of him and laughs about it.

Act 1 Scene 5

Romeo and Juliet go to the fest. Romeo spots Juliet dancing and instantaneously falls for her. However, he does not know that she is Capulet and that he is Montinhue. Romeo and Juliet are not allowed to be with each other but there love is too strong to handle. Thy now want to marry each other but Juliet is already set to marry Paris and also their parents would never allow them to marry.

Act 2 Scene 1

After the feast is over, on Romeo’s way home, he runs away from his friends and climbs over Juliet’s home’s fence to go to the capulet house where he is not permitted to go to.

Act 2 Scene 2

Romeo sneaks into Juliet’s home to speak with her. Juliet is speaking to herself about how much she loves Romeo not knowing that Romeo is outside hearing her. While Juliet continues to speak, Romeo comes out of the bushes and Juliet is very surprised that he is was there. They talk about how much they love each other and that they want to get married. After exchanging loving vows, Romeo leaves knowing that Juliet will send a messenger to Romeo tomorrow regarding their wedding plans.

Act 2 Scene 3

Romeo goes to convince Friar Laurence to marry him and Juliet. At the beginning Friar Laurence does not want ot marry him and Juliet but then gets convinced.

Act 2 Scene 4

There is a big mishap in the town square with some boys and the nurse. The nurse then beings Romeo in the church to tell him that she would also be happy to see him and Juliet become husband a wife. They are both very happy about the event that will take place later that day in the afternoon.

Act 2 Scene 5

Nurse comes home to tell Juliet that she will be marrying Romeo this afternoon in Friar Laurence’s cell.

Act 2 Scene 6

Romeo and Juliet go to get married in a church. This is done by Friar Laurence and he tries to distance them because they keep showing passionate affection to each other.

Act 3 Scene 1

There was a huge incident in the town square that resulted in Romeo’s best friend getting killed by Tibult and Romeo killing Tibult.

Act 3 Scene 2

Binbolio tells the prince about what happened and the conclusion is that he is banished. His banishment was set to be forever but he had a hope that it would not last forever and he would one day be able to return and see Juliet once again. During Juliet’s and Romeo’s last night together, they become very intimate with each other to have an experience that will remind each other of each other even though they will be apart. After that night, Romeo and Juleit are afraid that they may never see each other again.

Act 3 Scene 3

Juliet is still in great grief because of Romeo’s banishment and cries on her bed for a long time. Her mother is in her room and then tells her that she is to marry Paris on Thursday morning. Juliet strongly disagrees from this and cries to her mother. Her mother then tells her father that she does not want to marry Paris and her father goes in great rage. He says that if she doesn’t marry Pairs, he will kick her out of the house and will be forced to live on the streets. Juliet then pretends to listen to the advice that the nurse gives her and the instead goes out of the house.

Act 4 Scene 1

Juliet meets Pairs in the hallway while she goes to Friar Laurence. He says to him that she rather kill herself then marry him. Paris also behaves in a joking manner where he can try to become close to Juliet before the arranged wedding day. Juliet tells Friar Laurence that she does not under any circumstances want to marry Paris. Friar Laurence has an idea to give her this potion that she can take the night before the wedding that will make her look like she is dead while she is actually just asleep for 42 hours. During this, Romeo could come and save her. Friar Laurence sends a letter to Romeo to inform him on the things that are going to be happening.

Visual Representation Partner WorkingAct 4 Scene 2

Juliet tells her mother and father that she will be happy to marry Paris however they are unaware that she has other plans. After she tells them this, she then goes back to her room and takes the potion that will send her in a deep sleep for 42 hours having people think that she is dead. If people think that she is dead, they will call off the wedding and she will not have to marry Paris.

Act 4 Scene 3

Juliet’s family find out that she appears to be dead and immediately arrange a funeral service. At the funeral service, Romeo’s boy sees that there is a funeral for Juliet because she appears to be dead. Friar Laurence did indeed send someone to send a note to Romeo to tell him the plan however Romeo’s boy was faster then the messenger.

Act 5 Scene 1

Romeo is so sad about the news of Juliet’s presumed death and he goes back to Verona to see Juliet’s grave and to see if the news is truly real. He intends to kill himself so that he can be with Juliet in the death. Paris comes and Romeo eventually kills him. Paris’s last request was for him to be buried with Juliet. Romeo does do what Paris asked.

Act 5 Scene 2

Romeo goes to visit Juliet in the grave. After not much thought, he commits suicide next to Juliet not knowing that she will be waken soon. Juliet does indeed wake up soon and soon after stabs herself with Romeo’s knife. In the end, Romeo and Juliet are both dead and the entire town weeps.

Romeo and Juliet Visual Presentation Rubric

Romeo and Juliet Individual Visual Representation


Visual Literacy Summative

Digestive System – Science

I feel that Kate and I have been very productive throughout the building process. We have produced many different ideas and now we have found the best idea that work for us. We have not completed this model yet however we will be finished within the time frame that is given. Overall, I feel that Kate and I are working very well together in our digestive system project.

Champions! Project: Louis Braille

This project was called the Champions! project because we had to research about one particular person throughout history who has made a difference in this world. I chose Louis Braille because he invented Braille which is a language for the blind. From this, he is very helpful and influential to the future generations. This is why I chose Louis Braille as my Champion! person, because I believe that he is a champion.

The Champions! unit was a very interesting, enjoyable and challenging unit. I had to overcome many obstacles and do things that I have never done before. However overall, it was an exceedingly enjoyable experience.

I enjoyed that we could pick basically ANYONE to research about. I chose Louis Braille because his story and his legacy really interested mean and I wanted to learn more about him and what you had done to benefit the world. Also, many of the projects that we had to do about our Champions! person were very fun to do. For example, I enjoyed dressing up as the person and doing the press conference where we had to act as our Champion! person to answer questions that were given to us. I also really enjoyed doing the Facebook page because it was really different to do a Facebook for someone that was around about 150 years before Facebook was even invented. When we did the Facebook profile, it was almost as if we were recreating the person and having them be as if they were living now days.

The internet and the library’s books really did help me learn a lot for the Champions! project. They were a great source of information where I based my research off. It was also helpful to learn about the person as if we were the person. For many of our projects, we had to write or speak in first person to the person. This made us feel more connected with the person and resulted in us learning more about our person. In addition, my peers helped correct and stronger my work that were handed into my teachers. One last thing that helped me learn were obviously Mr. Pierce and Ms. Bevear.

Although the Champions! unit was very enjoyable, there were also some challenges that I had to overcome. However, I believe that challenges can actually be quite fun to overcome. Some of the challenges came from the Champions! unit came from the projects that we did. For example, there was only one picture of Louis Braille on the internet. I scoured the internet and books to find real pictures or paintings of him but there was no luck to be found. This weakened my blog post because there was limited variety in the pictures on the wall. Another challenge I had to face was writing and speaking in first person even when you weren’t that person. Since Louis Braille lived in France from 1809 till 1852, his language/voice and the way that he spoke were much different than from me. My word choice we have to be different and even that way that I paused or moved my body would have to be like him. A challenge that was brought up however I did not address was the face that Louis Braille was blind. I originally wanted many of my pieces to be in both English and in Braille but then I later realised this would be exceedingly difficult considering to produce Braille, I would need to somehow engrave in a metal/wood/stone many many dots. This would take up a lot of time and it might waste a lot of products so I decided in the end to withdraw from this idea. Secondly, I had an idea that I would close my eyes or wear dark sunglasses during my presentation to signify that Louis Braille was blind and could not see. This is idea did not work out for two reasons. One being that the sunglasses I have to day are very different from 150 years ago. Second, closing my eyes might weaken my eye sight grade on my rubric for the presentation. Therefore, I decided not go through with either ideas. Another challenge I had to overcome was finding a costume for Louis Braille. Since there was very limited selection of photographs for Louis Braille, I could only see a little bit of his outfit. However, I overcame this challenge by searching up the style for men in the 1800’s in France and wore that.


Free Choice Visual Literacy Rubric

Photo on 13-4-15 at 2.03 PM

Occupy Hong Kong

I know that the occupy Hong Kong movement has been a big inconvenience. to the heart of Hong KOng. May is be work, shopping, school, errands or appointments, its messing Hong Kong up. Hong Kong students are a large part of this movement and they are missing school to be outside protesting. I also know that the police have sprayed pepper spray and tear gas to stop protesters from becoming out of control.

My opinion is that the Hong Kong government is being stubborn and they should make a compromise with the Hong Kong people. I also think that China should be more involved with this but not the way that they were involved with Tianamin Square. In the articles I have read, they state that China is not getting very much involved at all. In addition, I think Hong Kong should have democracy and not someone of the three people that China picks be the leader of Hong Kong.

I am still confused about what is going to happen to Hong Kong. Although no one knows for sure, I think that people have intelligent predictions of what is going to be the result of this whole thing. I am also confused about how the police are now handling the protests and what is going to be their plan if the protests really start to get out of control. One more thing I’m confused about is why some places in Hong Kong look now like a ghost town and some places in Hong Kong are so dense and crowded.


Occupy Hong Kong Crowds

Social Studies

Overall what I learned during this first unit in social studies is all about maps. Mr. Pierce taught me that there are many different kinds of maps and they can be shown to convey many different messages to the reader of the map. I also learned what goes on a map. On top of that, I learned that maps have “must haves” to make it a good map. The “must haves” include title, legend, scale, grid, color and labels.


Pick three words that best describe or represent “Mr Pierce’s Social Studies Class” to you?

The three words I picked I believe were special, unusual and fun. I picked these words because obviously this is what I think describes this class. I think these words describe this class because this class is no other class I have been before. I’m learning in new ways and there are fun and interesting things to do everything in this class.


I received a Bartolome De Las Casas bronze badge. I completely agree with the badge that Mr. Pierce chose because I feel it reflects the exact way that I am in class. However, I very much to get that bronze up to the gold because I know I can do a lot better than bronze work habits wise. I’m going to change my work habits very much to show Mr. Pierce that I am worthy of a higher medallion badge next time.

Learning Strategies:

This unit I worked on getting things done and not procrastinating a lot. I thing I did very well on this and I will now continue to do this. A learning strategy I can work on for next unit is to stay on task and focus more because I feel that I did a poor job on that this unit.


My goal for unit two is to focus and listen more in class.







Important Places in Louis Braille’s Life Map