Social Studies

Overall what I learned during this first unit in social studies is all about maps. Mr. Pierce taught me that there are many different kinds of maps and they can be shown to convey many different messages to the reader of the map. I also learned what goes on a map. On top of that, I learned that maps have “must haves” to make it a good map. The “must haves” include title, legend, scale, grid, color and labels.


Pick three words that best describe or represent “Mr Pierce’s Social Studies Class” to you?

The three words I picked I believe were special, unusual and fun. I picked these words because obviously this is what I think describes this class. I think these words describe this class because this class is no other class I have been before. I’m learning in new ways and there are fun and interesting things to do everything in this class.


I received a Bartolome De Las Casas bronze badge. I completely agree with the badge that Mr. Pierce chose because I feel it reflects the exact way that I am in class. However, I very much to get that bronze up to the gold because I know I can do a lot better than bronze work habits wise. I’m going to change my work habits very much to show Mr. Pierce that I am worthy of a higher medallion badge next time.

Learning Strategies:

This unit I worked on getting things done and not procrastinating a lot. I thing I did very well on this and I will now continue to do this. A learning strategy I can work on for next unit is to stay on task and focus more because I feel that I did a poor job on that this unit.


My goal for unit two is to focus and listen more in class.





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