Converting Between Fractions, Decimals, and Percents November,1,2013

Learning log 3-72 How can I can I convert…


How do you convert a percent to a decimal?

First you need to know the percent then you can go forward. For example you have 50% you just put a zero in front of the five so the decimal becomes 0.50 or 0.5.


How do you convert a decimal to percent?

It the decimal is 0.125 the percent is 12.5% because they are both out of 100. Another example is if the decimal is 0.97 the percent is 97% because all you have to do is take the number remove the zero and add a percent symbol.


How can I go from a fraction to a decimal?

Well first you get the fraction and divide the numerator and denominator. So if the fraction was 5/10 you would divide 5 by 10 and get the decimal 0.5.


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