We Were Silent on Reflection Friday 22,November, 2013


1. What happened in class on We Are Silent Day? Give details of what you did in order to be silent in class on the day. To be silent we mainly did things that were independent and did not involve talking and we did not use are mouths to communicate we used white boards and hand signs.

2. What did you like about the day in class? What didn’t you like about the day? What was hard and what was easy or worked well?  Well all the activities were independent and were pretty straight forward what to do. But it was very frustrating because when I had a question I could not speak.

3. How did it feel to not have a voice and get your questions or needs answered right away? Were you frustrated? How do you think it would feel if you didn’t have a voice for getting an education, water, food and your basic needs? It felt very frustrating because you had no way to vocally communicate like  if you needed to go to the bathroom you had to write it down.

4. If you were to do this again, what might you change about what you did or how it was organized in class? I would try to be silent because this time I did not do it that well.

5. Can you think of some next steps or other ways to make this issue known? List some other solutions to help others in need. Like for the other people how are refugees in HK could be very cold in the winter so we could donate them jackets and other things to keep them warm.


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