Owl Pellet Dissection Reflection Questions

  1. Observation before dissection: Give a description of what you owl pellet looked like before you started to dissect it. What was its’ size, color, texture, etc… The color was brown it felt ferry furry and it was very hard like a rock there was also a lot of feathers sticking out of it and there was a white thing on it that was either bird poo or a bone sticking out.                     .
  2. How many skulls were in your pellet? How about the number of animals in your pellet? Give the names of what you found. Their were to skulls and two animals both were Rodents.                                                                                                                                                                      .
  3. Give the names of the other types of bones you found in your pellet. There  were no other bones.
  4. Explain what else you found in your pellet….feathers, fur, other things?? There were a lot of fur and a small feather was there too   with a lot of soil.                                                                                                           .
  5. Did you find a complete skeleton? If you did not, give three reasons why you did not. I did not get a full skeleton because there were no shoulder blades no full skulls because they were in half and  there were some bones that half of it was missing                                               .
  6. Describe the habitat where this owl lived. The owl probably lived in a grassland that was very dirty and had lots of soil                                                                                                                                .
  7. If your owl forms one pellet each day, based on YOUR findings, how many animals would an owl eat in a week? in a month? in a year? 14 a week 56 a month and 672 a year

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