Density of Matter Questions

1.) Define Density.

Density is The amount of matter (mass) in a specific volume of substance. Density is calculated by dividing the mass of a substance by its volume; measured in grams per cubic centimeter.

2.) Are gases more or less dense that liquids or solids at room temperature?                                      Gas is less dense than solids but more dense than some liquids.

3.) How does temperature affect the density of a material?

When a substance is heated, the molecules move around more, meaning the substance expands into a larger area. This means that the hotter a substance gets, the less density it has.

4.) A certain liquid sample has a volume of 14.7 mL and a mass of 22.8 grams. Calculate the density.


5.) A material with a density of 2.7 grams/mL occupies 35.6 mL. How many grams of the material are there?


6.) A certain material has a density of 19.3 g/mL. What is the material?


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