Idioms Freewrite Practice

Once upon a time there was a guy named Freddy Firestone. He was a guy who was always going with the flow. Also he was a spitting image of the king. One day Freddy went to the palace to ask the king if he could be the king. Freddy was very angry that day because the king said “No you may not be king you peasant!” Later that night he could not sleep because the king called hime a peasant. Not that he was lying its just the way he said it filled with so much energy and he did not even think about it he just screamed at Freddy. Then Freddy could not take it anymore he got out of bed and ran to the palace. Freddy sneaked in to the kings room and tied up the king. He then just went with flow and did what he thought was right he took the king to the river by the castle and trough him in. Freddy then realised he had killed the king and that there was no king. He then remembered he looking like the king so he went to the palace and said he would be the king forever done deal.

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