Density and Slope Lab Follow-up Questions

  • Using your graph, what would the mass of a 12 cubic cm piece of aluminium be?                                                              30 cubic m
  •  Using your graph, what would the mass of a 12 cubic cm piece of gray plastic be?                                                            16 cubic m
  •  If questions 1 and 2 referred to two equal sized pieces, then which one would be heavier? Aluminium or gray plastic?  Aluminium because it is higher on my graph and hit has more mass and volume
  •  Which substance has the steeper  graph?                                                                                                                                      Aluminium because it is more dense and has bigger volume and mass.
  •  Do you think there is any connection between questions 3 and 4? Explain.                                                    Yes because I think they were referring to the substance that was steeper as the one that is heavier.
  •  Without doing any calculations, how does the density of the gray plastic you used compare to that of aluminium? Explain your reasoning.       The mass and the volume make the aluminium can more dense because the mass and the volume affect the density.
  •  Now calculate the densities of the aluminium and gray plastic. Which on is greater?                            I was correct the aluminium was more because the aluminium had a density of 3 and the plastic had 1.5

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