Reviews of Hero On a Bicycle

1994 tanks driving around all the streets and patrolling florence. 13 year year old Paolo Crivelli creates so much action that will keep you off your chair. The way Shirley Hughes shows Florence trough the mind of partisan is very excited. Paolo Crivelli is a young boy in Florence that lives with his sister mom and maid. Paolo has a dad but does not always see him because Paolo’s dad is a very strong anti – fascist person that is always on the move to get away from the german secret police the gestapo. I agree with this comment “In addition to the suspense of the story, it provided a World War II background, about which many young people are not particularly aware. It also contained ethical dilemmas which were resolved thoughtfully.”  Because in the it does have a lot of world war II and a lot of suspense and adventure. I book it I recommend this book to everyone that is fascinated by world war II.

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