End Of Year Reflection

Language Arts and History

1. In what ways have you changed as a reader this year? Refer to specific pieces of work to show this.

Well I have learned that reading is not so bad and that it can be interesting. For example reading books on non – fiction biographies about people like Genghis Khan is kind of fun.

2. In what ways have you changed as a writer this year? Refer to specific pieces of work to show this.

I have changed and I don’t hate essays I actually like them they can be very helpful. For example when we wrote essays on over scheduling it was very interesting to see everyones opinion on that.

3.What is the pattern that you noticed in the history topics we have studied this year?

That every civilisation has its ups and downs and they also have many things that contributed to society today

4.What are the patterns that you have noticed in how you have approached history this year?

The pattern of civilisation having its ups and downs I have approached this in a way of thinking that all civilisations are not the same


1. How have you improved or increased your understanding in math this year?

Well I have  improved  and now I understand algebra and how to do it.

2. How do you think you are as a mathematical thinker? Do you make connections across different concepts, check the reasonableness of your answer and show your process?

I think I am a good mathematical thinker I aways back up my answer

3. How do you think you have grown with the following practices:

  • Problem solving and persevering to understand what the problem is asking  I always try hard
  • Precision in your work  I am ok at precision putting units and things
  • Modelling of your work Pretty good I always have a clear diagram


1. How have you increased your Scientific knowledge this year?

I know lots about classification

2. Do you feel that you are making connections across the units that we have done this year? Explain using some examples.

Yes like in the density unit I connected from buoyancy to diving

3. Do you feel that you have increased your scientific skills this year? For example measuring, observing, re-testing, precision and focus in the lab….If so, explain how using an example(s).

Yes I always make sure i’m accurate

Work Habits: This applies to ALL classes. (Engagement in Class (Productive, Interactions, Contributions), Organisation, Working Independently, Reflecting on Work, Meeting Deadlines, Punctual, Social Responsibility(respecting) )

1. What do you feel are your strongest work habits? Give examples of how you have shown this.

Organisation  because I always have my things for class and i am prepared

2. What work habits do you feel you are still needing to focus on for the end of this year and for Grade 7 ? How are you going to progress with these work habits. Give specific examples.

I need to work on reflecting

Overall Grade 6:

1. What has been the achievement that you are most proud of at school this year?

Learning so much

2. What has been the achievement that you are most proud of outside of school this year?

Getting better at squash

3. What has been the most challenging element of grade 6 for you? How did you work to overcome this challenge?

Doing hard problems I persevered though

4. What are you most looking forward to in 7th grade?


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