Temple Building Reflection

The Design and Plan

We had a brownie base so it was thick and able to hold the temple. The pillars were made of marshmallows on sticks to hold them up we put fruit tips around them. Red vines were used for decoration for the pillars as we rapped them around the marshmallows. M&Ms were used as floor decoration because they were colourful. Are roof had spring roll wrappers on it because we needed something light so the marshmallows on sticks could be support it.We had lots of candy and chocolate that we spread everywhere. For places that did not stick we used Nutella to stick it back together.


The Choices We Made

We had a few problems through the process because we had a team member who was sick and could not bring the materials that were needed. Are temple kept on falling down because it was not very sturdy because of the marshmallows and sticks that held up the roof so in the end we has to put very thin spring roll wrappers on it. We  replaced are materials with new ones because one group member was not there. In the end we had a temple that was strong but not strong enough.

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