Gears and Pulley Project Reflection


We did not plan well at all. To be honest we had random drawings for no reason. These drawings showed nothing and were later thrown away as though as being scribbles. When we started I believed just winging and making a very good pulley model thinking it would be easy. Later I found  out that without a play we could have nothing done and that plans were very important. Planning I know now is the most important stage  when making something even when it is very simple.



In the beginning we started with a piece of metal with so many nuts and bolts and was very sloppy. It was a metal dysfunctional piece of junk that has no purpose. none of it worked. I wasted to much time on trying to make a quick easy project that I had forgot so many phase like the planning stage. I should also doe a better ideation phase because nothing would work out other wise.  I did a lot wrong during the project. It did not work  and we had nothing. This created a very big learning stage in life for me. Don’t take the easy way out, always plan to make things easy and make sure you know what you are doing.The building process did not work at all I had to any problems with time management and not enough parts but I tried my best.










Something I could do better this coming time is be more organise with what I am supposed to do. Be organised with my planning and be more reflective and see what you could always do better. My project did not get finished because I made to many mistakes. One of them being not telling the teacher about my partner. My partner did nothing except for try to take credit for my work, build blocks on the side, annoy or talk to other kids and get me nuts and bolts. It was very frustrating but I did nothing I just told myself I can do this by myself but I was wrong I couldn’t I needed a partner. With me by myself I got a structure but no where near done with pulleys. I assigned my partner jobs simple jobs get a pulley or screw in the nuts and bolts. Each time he would come back 20 minutes late saying oh ya and giving me a sloppy junk. Then he would tell me stop telling me what to do you do nothing. This is why it was probably the worst working partner experience ever. But then I know that this is life you don’t always get a partner or a project that you want to do or work with sometime you will get nothing out out of  the project sometimes you will get a partner that does nothing and you will learn something. They say you learn from your mistakes and that is exactly what I did. I learned that planning is very important, speak up if you have problems, be organised with assignments and most of all ask for help when in need.


Below is my final project though it was dysfunctional I got where I could alone.

IMG_2361 IMG_2360 IMG_2362


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  1. Dean Lea says:

    Shiv, this post is not a reflection of the processes you went through. I am quite surprised to see such an ineffective post from you. What happened?

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