Construction: Captain India shield

Photo on 2-12-2015 at 9.06 PM
First I started with a plan to do a Captain America Shield. But then I decided that I should do something original which is what I really wanted. I chose to do a Captain India shield. This is my plan for the shield.


I took the strong piece of card and I cut 20 pieces exactly the same to one another. Then I bent them so then I stick then together they give the shield a curve.


After bending the pieces to give the shield the curve. I have taken the parts of the shield and used a glue gun to secure them together like this. These pieces are not so sturdy so I need to find away to hold them tighter.


After using a glue gun to put all of the pieces together I have covered the back covered the back completely with duct tape to strengthen the bonds of pieces. I also put a piece of rope in the shield to give it mass for throwing. (blue part on the rim is the rope)


I have decided to add metal to the shield because I felt that the shield was not strong enough. I made sure not to use to much metal because I wanted it to be sturdy but not to heavy. In this process i used a glue gun and put down the shield before covering it completely with duct tape.


This is the shelled after the metal is in and I put the middle part on. I printed the symbol on sticker paper then i stuck it on the the shield. The middle was paper to I covered it with transparent tape and i covered the edges with duct tape. It looks great from the front.


Then I turned the shield over and I saw a whole load of peeling of the duct tape around the edges I also saw that the shield was very flimsy. I had to do something.


I decided put black duct tape and a second layer of rope to help strengthen it.


But to strengthen it even more so the handles would be harder I covered the whole back with black duct tape.


Then it was perfect It was strong, sturdy and indestructible. The flag looked amazing and nothing could make it better. It was pretty much perfect.



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