Interesting Sculptures

1st Interesting Structure

I believe that the sculpture below is interesting because it is simply amazing and has meaning. The mountain the weather and he face of the mountain all give the sculpture the feel of paradise. Paradise like this is where everyone would want to be forever. Then you see the amazing lion in the mountain. The emotion and shape of the lion in the sculpture gives you the feeling that the lion is sad or lost. This is very interesting because the sculpture is in a place of paradise and the lion is sad.


2nd Interesting Structure

I believe that the sculpture below is an interesting picture because the sculpture below is unique and very meaningful. The structure is very original of a bunch of elephants squashed together. The sculpture can be interpreted in many ways. Some people may think that is is elephant playing, some may think the elephants are protecting one another others might think that they are a bunched up herd and some people may think they are fighting. These interpretations make this sculpture meaningful. This sculpture is also very detail and every detail has a purpose. Like the detail of where the eyes of the elephant are looking shows the emotion. The amount of wrinkles shows that the elephant is being squashed all these make this a meaningful interesting sculpture,


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