Art Sketch Book

1.Upload a photo of your sketchbook (you do not need to finish the cover!)

Photo on 18-1-2016 at 10.19 AM

2.Describe what you made

I made a sketch small sketch book that is designed to the way I like it. It has a few pages and is designed with a my superhero designable cover and and the back is the plastic side of the card so it is not designable.

3.What is the purpose of your sketchbook in sculpture class?

This sketch book is form me to able to jot down my ideas during sculpture this semester. This allows me to not forget plans for my art. This book is also a great way for me to write down and reflect on my art.

4.What are the benefits of making your own sketchbook vs purchasing a mass produced sketchbook?

The benefits for making your book is that you get to have it just the way you like. It is personalised and is made in and way you want it unlike one that you buy. The book could have many types of paper like lined, plain or a calendar. It could open in a different way which is special for you.

5.What would you do differently to make the sketchbook?

Next time I would make my book open at the top so that it would fold upward. I like it better flooding upwards because allows me to focus more on the paper then the cover. I would also use a different colour tape to make the book look better. I would also add lined sheets and a small calendar.

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