Unit 4: Community Center for Refugees in HK

1) You will be graded on including photographs as documentary evidence of your work. Upload the following:

  • 1 overhead view and 2 side view perspectives drawings AND any preliminary designs made

IMG_3688 IMG_3686 IMG_3689 IMG_36873 or more photos of your building model from different angles (including wide angle and close up photographs)

  • IMG_3690 IMG_3691 IMG_3692


Written Reflection:

2) Explain who your design is for. Who makes up the particular community? (You may have to do some research or think back to Ms. Chan’s talk)

My design is for the Hong Kong refugee community. We made this because there are many refugees in HK and they live in very small home like very small. They have very bad living conditions which is not right. We wanted to improve there living condition and treat refugees equal to us because the way they live is inhuman. We knew that the community needed many things like education, security and a home so those were our main concerns for them.

3) Explain what your design is inspired by. What ideas and inspirations helped shape your design? Use specific examples from your model to share.

Our design is inspired by colour, odd shapes and free space. These aspects are good for a society to live in luxury without being treated badly. This is because we made our buildings inspired by unique things making our building a unique icon that stands out in front of all the buildings and will forever be know as the refugee home.

4) Explain where you envision your design to be located (in Hong Kong) AND how that shaped your building design (Think back to Mr. Leung’s talk)

We pictured out building to be located on a beach that has calm waters and clean sand  but still has space for a field on the other side of the building. We imagine a place with a beach on one side with the building in the middle and the field on the other side. For example repulse bay beach the building would be where the road is and where the beach is and then that golf course on the other side would be the field.

5) Explain why your building is relevant. What needs are you meeting and how are you doing that?

We are meeting may needs with our buildings. The ones we are meeting are education, accommodation, freedom and beauty. We are meeting these by allowing each family to have a lot of space to be free and there is a school along with colour places where the refugees can have fun to be free.

6) How are you addressing the need of beauty in your design? (How is your design contributing to making life more beautiful?)

I am addressing beauty in many ways through my design. Some example is how we have gardens and ponds. This is beauty from the nature and greenery which allows the refugees to feel free. Another way of beauty is colour.  Some examples of this is coloured glass

7) What design element are your most proud of?

The field and the playground because there is so much detail like the soccer goals, the tennis court net and swings. When making that I used wire to form the different objects which could be easily portrayed and different things on a field or playground.

8) What design element needs further refinement and improvement?

I think we need to fix the bridge in between the two building because it is slanting downwards. A way we can fix this is buy putting a little piece of board or wood underneath the bridge to make the bridge stay straight. Other then that I think that my partner and I have done a great job to make this project successful.

9) In your opinion, how important is architecture? Provide a definition of architecture and explain its relevance in your life and in our society.

Architecture is art and without it there would just be block buildings which is not good. Architecture is very important is is the icon for city all around the world and allows societies to express them selves in a huge master piece of a creation. My life and our society has a lot of architecture. For example we have buildings that connect but one is big one is small but both are connected it is meaning big and small are equal these buildings IFC 1 and 2 and building like these have a big impact on me.

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