A. Describe the abstraction between a local map vs an MTR map.

MTR map gets the general location of different areas.  A local map shows roads and what the land form looks like. But the MTR map just gets the direction of the area and what is near the area. With an MTR map, a user should be able to tell places that are further and closer to them depending on where they are on the map. If you look at the MTR map below and imagine your self at Admiralty station you can tell that you are far from Tsuen Wan and Tuen Mun because you can see how many stops it would take to get there.

B. Use images to help represent your theory.

C. Explain Euler’s abstraction solution to the Konigsberg bridge problem

Euler wanted to find out a way for people to walk around a town while only going across each bridge. He used an abstraction of the town show below to allow him to work out this problem while only using relevant information of the location of each bridge.

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