APCSP (S) – AT&T Field Trip Reflection

  1. What did you know about AT&T before the field trip?

I knew that AT&T was a phone service provider that is very popular in the U.S.  I also knew that AT&T was also well known for the many start ups they funded.

  1. List the questions you asked?

How Does AT&T use big data? What is your hardware preferences? Has AT&T ever come into any security issues and made a mistake? What is your background? Does AT&T provide cell service in Hong Kong.? How do you collect your data? What is small data?

  1. What did you find most interesting from the talk?

I found that the most interesting parts of the talk to be when he was talking about the projects AT&T has of the side. He talked about how they work with red bull so that on race day they have like 30 engineers by the track and 20 more in the UK. He also talked about how they have something called the flying cow which is a drone that provides cell service when a cell tower is down. Finally he also talking about the 65000 cell towers they have and how when one is broken they just have someone fly a drone to the site and the engineer can view the camera to see what is wrong.

  1. How does this company use Big Data?

He told us that big data is just analyzing finding insights by analyzing large volumes of diverse data. AT&T uses big data for many things such as location, real time analytics, network insights and consumer insights. They also use Hadoop which is a framework to process big data. He also talked about the architecture of big data, there is a edge, a core, exposure and a foundation.

  1. Who owns the data and who can get access?

He talked about how this depend on the system. For Facebook,  they own all data that is posted on there site and they can claim anything. For At&T because the user pays for the subscription, the user owns the data. This means that for AT&T anyone a user can get access to the data aswell as as the company. He also talked about how many companies sell the rights to some user data so that they can have ads that cater to each person and they find out what ads are right by analyzing the search history and activity of the user. Quite often you find that companies that dont include AT&T or Facebook have access to your data.

Add some images from the trip and any final thoughts

Finally also found it very interesting how he talked security failures and different ways that security will progress. He talked about how unCapthca will die out now that machine learning has defeated it and can solve the captcha faster then even humans. He also talked about how a 1080 gpu can hack in to different password collection apps in a matter of seconds. Then finally he talked about how there has been a concurrency mining fever. Below you can see photos from the presentation along with the redbull AT&T video.



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