APCSP (F) Explore practise

2a.My computational artefact is self driving cars. Self driving cars are an upcoming popular technology is new cars today. These self driving cars intend to eliminate the need to have a driver behind the wheel and navigating at all times. They also intend to illuminate and reduce the amount of accidents that happen on the road caused by human error, by eliminating the human. Along with this almost all self driving cars are electric which removes carbon emissions for a better earth.

2b. Self driving cars are electric cars that use map technology and sensors to navigate the road without the need of an “active” driver. For example the tesla self driving technology in the Model S uses a “dot”sensor to  sense everything in front of the car such as sign, road lines and other cars. As the technology is still being perfected the word “active” driver is needed as even with a self driving car, a driver is still needed to monitor the ride.

2c. Self driving cars seem like a great solution to driving and keeping road safe. and there should be no harmful affects. Self driving cars have the potential to eliminate road accident because it eliminates human error which is the cause for most of these accidents. This technology also has the potential as an electric car to reduce the amount of carbon emission created by a lot to put a stop to global warming. But even with these positives there is negative affects. If self driving electric cars became very popular the need for petrol will be eliminated causing the oil industry and market to collapse.

2d. Self driving cars use a series of sensors and satellite road date to navigate and control a car without very much help from a human. The car takes input from a human such as an address and then as an output it drives and navigates to the location. The sensors of the car also take in input of surroundings on and around the road to create the correct movements for the journey. The satellite data also gets map data to feed the traffic and live road data as an input and as an output a route is created to get to your destination.  As a lot of the data is dependent of sensors or satellite map data, this is very vulnerable to others accessing an tweaking this data to there benefit causing accidents or the problem in your car.





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