APCSP(S) Address Book

Below is my address book I created. I used the self, init algorithm with functions for a search followed by a while loop that holds the if statements for user options. When doing this I originally wanted to try and do a contact book in which you could add contacts to a txt file which would be able to save contacts for future. I tried to do this using pickle or shelve algorithm but I could not get around where to put the txt file so after many many tries I settled with this simple algorithm.  Then with this algorithm that I ended up using I came into a little bit of trouble when I tried to have no dedicated search choice by the user so the user can type any numbers or words. I could not get around how to search for int and string at the same time and not print invalid for one if it fails so I left it as is. Never the less, below you can see my code and a video of my code in action.












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