APCS(S)- (d)Encryption program

What encryption method have you chosen, why did you choose it?

The encryption method I chose was a ceaser cypher. I chose a ceaser cypher because I felt that it showcased all the coding skills of different variable types, loops and conditional statements we have been practising.

What are the pros and cons of this encryption method?

The pros of this encryption method is that is the earliest none encryption methods and is very easy to understand and use.  But the con to being able to be easily used and understand is that it is also very is easy to crack the encryption, even by hand.

Include sketches (e.g. flowchart, pseudocode, diagrams…) you drafted before writing the code.








See my code here:https://gist.github.com/shivdaryanani/d162fda98dfb61c83459f0343703ea34

What have you learned in this project and how does it connect with the topics we covered? (String operations, arrays, loops…)

Through this project, I learned a lot. I know that can be said for any project but for this project in particular really made me take everything from the year so far and peace it together.  This project allowed me to try new implementing so many new things such as adding strings converting characters to numbers and back and vice versa. I also learned how to more comfortably use loops as I was able to use a for loop and a while loop for my project.  Furthermore, I was able to practice conditional statements for making Strings equal and even not equal to each other which took some research. Overall this project made a more comfortable coder allowing me to practice and learn new skills in an OOP scenario.

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