Progress report November 19, Monday

What are you going today?

Today we are going to be fixing the intake and building an effective barrier. The current barrier makes a very loud sound and breaks very easily. It is also not 100 percent effective as the ball can still go over the barrier sometimes.  We also are going to change the base wheels back to fully omni-directional, as the traction wheels do not allow the robot to rotate smoothly. We will aslo be testing our cap flipper and reinforcing it.

What are have you done?

-Base built

-Driver done

-Flywheel built and attached to robot

-Intake is built and attached to robot

-cap flipper is built

-half of autonomous

What are you going to do next?

Once the minor changes are done, we will spend a great amount of time doing driver practice. We will also need to finish up the autonomous and test to make sure it is reliable and accurate.

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