Unit 1 – Essential Questions

Can I invite others to see the world through my own original poetry?

I think I can invite others to see the world through my own poems. Everybody has their own individual experiences which influences their own thoughts and feelings about certain things. Thus, nobody shares the exact same perspective of the world around them. Through my original poetry, I believe that people can see the world through my own unique point of view. Through the topics I write about and the subjects I use, people are able to see the kinds of things that I care about or are prominent in my life. My diction and tone convey my feelings and attitude toward the topic. The figurative language that I use can be indicative of the way that I view the world. When I use detailed imagery describing a certain thing, it can be seen that I pay a lot of attention towards it. When I use devices such as apostrophe, rhetorical questions, or even personification or metaphors, then people can see what things I am wondering about.

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