Unit 3 – Reduced Scene Script

Act I Scene 5
The Ghost and Hamlet enter

Hamlet: Where are you taking me? Say something.
Ghost: I’m your dead dad and you need to kill the current king for me ok ty
Hamlet: Woah there tmi!
Ghost: AVENGE ME >:(
Hamlet: Are you saying that Claudius murdered you?
Ghost: Yes, that incestuous, adulterous beast! He betrayed me and laid with my wife, your mother-–I loved her but I guess she loved me not. Wanna hear the details of how I died?
Hamlet: Sure dude
Ghost: I was chilling in the orchard before your uncle poured poison into my ear––yes, literal poison––and killed me for my wife and my crown. So avenge my death, dear Hamlet! But fair warning, whatever you do, please do not harm your mother in any way; leave her to the wretched punishment of her own guilt.

Ghost leaves
Hamlet: Damn it! I remember you, you poor ghost. I’ll wipe my mind of basically everything and only remember to kill my uncle. Oh Claudius, you “smiling damned villain”. I’ll get revenge for my dad.

Enter Horatio and Marcellus
Marcellus: Hamlet!
Horatio: He’s okay?
Hamlet: Yup.
Marcellus: Tell us what happened!
Hamlet: Gather, gather!
Marcellus: So what happened bro?
Horatio: Yeah what was that about?
Hamlet: Oh it was great!
Horatio: Go on…
Hamlet: I can’t ur a snake
Horatio: Oh my gosh no never
Marcellus: I’m not either
Hamlet: You promise?
Both: Swear!
Hamlet: There’s no bad guy in Denmark who isn’t evil,
Horatio: There was no need for a ghost to tell us that .
Hamlet: Yeah you’re right. So I won’t tell u anymore let’s leave.
Horatio: But that’s so weird to say
Hamlet: Yeah sorry if I disappointed you
Horatio:No it’s fine
Hamlet: Yes it is disappointing, because I can’t tell you and you want to know more. And I must ask for a favor,
Horatio: What is it? I’ll still help.
Hamlet: Don’t tell anyone that you saw this ghost.
Both: Okay we won’t
Hamlet: Promise?
Horatio: I won’t
Marcellus: We promise
Hamlet: Pinky promise
Marcellus: We already promised
Hamlet: Do it anyway.

Ghost Cries under stage

Ghost: Pinky Promise!
Hamlet: Swear on my cool sword.
Hamlet: btw bro Horatio never tell anyone this happened
Horatio: ok
Hamlet: like pinky promise
Horatio: ok
Hamlet: like double pinky promise ok dude like swear
Horatio: ok

Unit 3 – Hamlet Act 2

Anna’s question: What makes the soliloquy of Hamlet such an iconic scene within the play? What did Shakespeare do to give this scene strength and beauty?

My response:

Hamlet’s soliloquy is such an iconic scene within the play because it characterises Hamlet and reveals the conflicting emotions within him. In this scene, it becomes clear that Hamlet is eager to avenge his father, but is also hesitant. Shakespeare employs rhetorical questioning to display Hamlet’s fear and lack of confidence in himself. He says, “Am I a coward? Who calls me villain? Breaks my pate across? Plucks off my beard, and blows it in my face?”, Through this, it becomes clear that Hamlet, despite wanting to take revenge, is also doubtful of himself and sees himself as a coward. Shakespeare then uses strong diction to emphasise Hamlet’s eagerness to take revenge for his father. He calls King Claudius a “blood, bawdy villain” who “treacherously” took his father’s place. Hamlet’s doubt is once again brought out when a more melancholic tone is used to speak about the ghost. He admits that the ghost “may be the devil, and the devil hath power t’ assume a pleasing shape.” He once again notes his doubts, but resolves to continue with his plan. Overall, Shakespeare uses rhetorical questioning, diction, and tone in the soliloquy to characterise Hamlet and expose his inner conflict. As a result of this soliloquy, it becomes clear to the reader that Hamlet is uncertain of himself despite his hatred for King Claudius. The contrasts in his thoughts highlight him possibly being on the verge of insanity, as well as foreshadow his actions in the rest of the play.

Question for the next person:
In the beginning of his soliloquy, Hamlet comments on the player and his ability to weep “for Hecuba.” What is the significance of Hamlet’s comments about the player?