Semester 2 Final Reflection

  1. When looking at my Unit 3 – 6 portfolio, I see my greatest achievement has been. 

    My U4 Original Poem. Poetry is not something that comes easily to me. I especially have difficulty understanding structure and patterns regarding syntax or even syllables within lines. For this assignment, I decided to challenge myself to write one of the most difficult types of poems in terms of structure – a villanelle. I consider this my greater achievement because, despite feeling unconfident in the poem type, I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone and it paid off in the end. In pushing myself and applying concepts from class in a more personal context, I gained a greater sense of confidence as well as a deeper understanding of poetry.

  2. When looking at my feedback on my work and Mastery Data (as found in Schoology), I noticed…Looking back at my feedback, I noticed that my organisation has improved. Although my essays are generally well-organised, it took me a while in the beginning to break out of organising my analysis essays by technique rather than by theme which could have a stronger line of reasoning. I’ve been able to organise my writing in a way that is grouped based more on ideas rather than rhetorical strategies.
  3. Considering most of second semester was virtual learning, I’d like to say. . .I found online school a bit draining and unmotivating. Nonetheless, I am proud that I consistently came to class prepared and completed assignments. I also really enjoyed checking in with my class and seeing how everyone was doing.
  4. When reviewing my goal for Semester 2, I can say that I . . .My goal for semester 2 was to improve my organisation when writing essays and analysis pieces. As mentioned in question 2,  I think that I did accomplish this goal because I’ve seen an improvement in my organisation. An example of this would be in my AP Q2 essay, where I was able to organise my essay in an effective way despite having limitations in terms of knowledge about the passage.
  5. A reflection on a Unit 3, 4, or 5 EQ is. . . (Include the EQ and response)
    Unit 3: How can I refine my voice and style to communicate my messages effectively?I can refine my voice and style to communicate my messages effectively by catering it to my audience and the context. An example of this would be the Hamlet unit. When acting/reading out a soliloquy for the flipgrid assignment, I made sure to alter my tone and pace as well as place emphasis on certain words to convey the emotions of the character within the scene. In doing this, the audience has a better idea of what is happening in the play, what the character is like, and his/her thought process. As seen in the reduced scenes assignment, my voice and style was refined in a very different way but were still effective in communicating my messages. The context of this assignment was that it was for an audience that doesn’t understand Shakespeare’s language and are perhaps my age. Instead of acting, I communicated my messages in a different way that fit the context better. I reduced the lines in a way that were more similar to text messages (such as including the words “lol”). The sentences weren’t as complex or sophisticated, but they were more understandable to the audience.