Grade 8 End of Year Playlist


  1. Stressed out by Twenty One Pilots from the album Blurryface

This song represents one of the many emotions that we felt throughout this year. The chorus quotes, “Wish we could turn back time, to the good ol’ days, When our momma sang us to sleep but now we’re stressed out.” which makes sense in this context, before a test, and we are stressing out about it, and wishing we could go back to the good days where we didn’t have stress.

2. Happy by Pharrell Williams from the album G.I.R.L

Happy by Pharrell Williams is a good representation of how we felt on some days throughout the school year. The lyrics go, “Bring me down, Can’t nothing, Bring me down, My level’s too high, Because I’m happy, clap along if you feel like a room without a roof, Because I’m happy, Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth.” Some days, if we get good results on a test, or if we are having fun with our friends, we feel as if nothing can bring us down, as we are so happy, which is exactly what is written in the lyrics of this song. 

3. On Top of The World by Imagine Dragons from the album Night Visions

On Top of the World talks about how even if you are falling behind or struggling, don’t give in and get back up, even if it seems like it’s impossible or far away. Once you’ve achieved your goal, you feel as if you are on top of the world and nothing can hold you down. This is how we feel at the end of the year or at any point of the semester after completing a test or assignment, as we have worked so hard, and tried our best, and now we are finally at the end, it was all worth it. The lyrics quote,  “And I know it’s hard when you’re falling down. And it’s a long way up when you hit the ground. Get up now, get up, get up now.‘Cause I’m on top of the world, ‘ay. I’m on top of the world, ‘ay. Waiting on this for a while now. Paying my dues to the dirt. I’ve been waiting to smile, ‘ay. Been holding it in for a while, ‘ay. Take you with me if I can. Been dreaming of this since a child. I’m on top of the world.”

4. What Time Is It? From the Disney movie High School Musical

I think that every student in this school has all felt this feeling of excitement and anticipation at the end of the year. This song accurately portrays that feeling of enthusiasm and eagerness for summer vacation to come, where there will be no work to stress about. The lyrics are, “What time is it? Summertime, it’s our vacation. What time is it? Party time, that’s right, say it loud. What time is it? The time of our lives, anticipation. 

5. Friday by Rebecca Black (Single)

This song is portrays how most students feel on a Friday morning. She sings, “Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend, Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday,” For most, Friday is the day which everyone looks forward to because it is the end of the week, and leads into the weekend. There is no school the next day, which means we have time to stay up late, hangout with friends and do whatever we want.

6. Brave by Sara Bareilles from the album the Blessed Unrest

I think that this is a great song as it’s main message is about standing up and staying true to yourself even when people may knock you down. This especially applies to middle school, as middle school is a time where we begin to discover who we are as a person, and pass through a tough stage in our life where we may feel peer pressure or insecurities about ourselves, and this song tells us to stay brave. “Say what you wanna say And let the words fall out. Honestly, I want to see you be brave.”

SML Blog Reflection

The topic I chose is allergy free baking, which includes vegan, dairy free and gluten free desserts. I chose this because I have many friends and family members who are allergic to products made in cupcakes or other desserts, therefore unable to eat it, and I wanted to try making desserts without those products so that they can. Also, I know that when a lot of people hear the words vegan or gluten free, they automatically assume it’ll taste bad and be bland, however I wanted to experiment and see the differences between a normal dessert, vegan ones, dairy free ones and gluten free ones and see if they actually taste different.

One of the challenges, which I have faced so far was dealing with how to substitute out ingredients for vegan ones and gluten free products, and still find the correct proportions to make the cupcake taste good. Out of the three batches of desserts I have made so far, only one of the three turned out successful as the first one sunk in and did not rise, while the gluten free batch became elastic like and would not cook nor burn. After doing research on what could have possibly gone wrong, I will try a different method on the next batch I will be baking.

I am proud of the research I have done during the SML sessions as I was able to gather lots of information both on types of allergies and recipes. Also I am super proud of that one batch of vegan cupcakes which turned out as they were super tasty, moist, and got very good reviews. When doing SML I feel that I am being creative as one I look at a recipe, I try to alter it to add flavors, which takes creativity. Also, decorating my cupcakes is creativity.

Stereotypes, Racism, Prejudice and Identity

At the beginning of this unit, I had only a vague understanding of four key concepts stereotype, racism, prejudice and identity, without really knowing how they all interconnect and can impact who someone as a person. I learned that Identity makes up who you are on both the surface and underneath (your appearance and who you are deep down that people wouldn’t be able to see if they looked at you) and that most of the time, because of your race and how you look, it impacts how society views and treats you.  The four concepts all connect to courage, as throughout our lives, it is inevitable that we will be exposed to some form of prejudice, stereotype or racism, and we need to have courage to overcome those words or actions thrown our way and stay true to our identity without trying hide from it or deny it.

Race is a word produced from our imagination that was created by us to classify groups of people and separate ourselves different from others just because of the colour of our skin or our nationality, when truly, we are all the same. Race does not define who you are as a person, however, just because of how you look, society makes assumptions and generalisations about who you are even though the way you look has no ties with the way you think or your characteristics. Because of  assumptions and discrimination against your race or someone else’s, it can hugely impact your self-esteem and how you see yourself as a person because they make you feel less important than others, making you feel as if race is the only thing that defines you. Most of the time, if you are in the majority, not the minority, you may seem as if you have more power and confidence to embrace who you are without any doubts or hesitations, because you are comfortable with living in your own skin as you are similar to everyone else, while as if you are of a race in the minority, you may sometimes as if you are not as good as those in the majority because you don’t fit in, but rather stand out, and get treated as though you are less. I feel that if people had the option to change the colour of their skin, or their hair or their eyes, they most likely do so to fit in the majority and escape the prejudice they experienced before, impacting the way they act. For example, during the 1950s-1960s when segregation and racism was apparent especially in the United States, if the African Americans had the option to become white, I believe that most of them would take up that option back then, and sometimes even in today’s world, the white people are the more “superior” race and treated better. If they did so, they would probably act differently as they would not have the feeling of self doubt pulling themselves down as they did as a black person, because of the way society made them always feel less important, and possibly feel more proud of who they are. I gained this understanding from the brown eyes blue eyes video when a elementary school teacher gave her 3rd grade students a lesson on discrimination and prejudice by putting them through a simulation where the people with blue eyes were more superior than those who had brown eyes. Immediately after she told her students that blue eyed people were smarter, better looking and better than brown eyed people,  the blue eyed people began to tease and bully those with brown eyes, even if their friends were in the brown eyes group. This shows that when people are given the promise or possibility to become more superior than others, they will seize that opportunity



Competence Reflection

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Overall, I feel that I did gain competence after this unit and a lot more knowledge of how America reached their goal of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I feel that my study tactics were effective as I was able to answer the questions correctly and with depth, however, after talking to Mr. Pierce, I realised that my tactic of memorising and reciting back the textbook will not work in the long run as I will have to memorise many more pages of text in the future. The next time I have a test, I will try to resort to other ways of studying such as making flashcards or visual diagrams to remember the details.

Another thing that I need to do differently is learn that more facts don’t mean better. Throughout this unit for the open ended questions, I had added a lot of information when answering the questions, thinking that the more facts I add, the more knowledge I show, however, the way I communicated it was not effective as it was not very engaging due to the overload of plain facts.

For next year’s students who do this unit, I strongly recommend spacing out your work and following the 5 day study plan instead of cramming to remember everything last minute, as there are many tests and lots of information to study, to reduce the stress of the load.

Spring Parent Conference Reflection

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After meeting with Ms. Bevear and my parents at conferences, I have decided that I really want to work on taking risks by using challenging vocabulary, and also reading a larger variety of genres. Regarding my vocabulary, I am really good at taking down wonder words and putting it up on my wonder word wall with the definition, however, I have not been able to apply those challenging words to my writing and everyday speaking. To improve, I will try to use at least 3-4 new words in my writing and underline it, and also pick one new word a week to use in my speaking. For my reading, I will try not to read more than 2 books of same genre in a row to ensure variety.


MSL 5 Mrs. Henson        Unit 2 Food and Festival                  Hannah Tan1858011-tree-l eb527af511d2fd4a251007485207b0df

老师,大家好,我叫Hannah。我的题目是圣诞节。我和我的家人是中国人。我们都不但在香港出生了,而且在哪儿长大。有的人可能以为 我的亲戚都在香港住,可是只是一个错的主意,因为我的外婆,外公,阿姨,舅舅和他们的孩子 都住在美国的西雅图。因为香港离西雅图很远也和贵,所以我们不常去美国看到他们。但是每一个寒假我和我的家人坐飞机去美国跟我们的亲戚庆祝 圣诞节。

去年的寒假是一个难忘的圣诞节。圣诞节前三天, 我妈妈,爸爸,姐姐和我在飞机场从香港坐飞机去了西雅图。在飞机上坐十三个小时我看四个电影和睡觉。我来到西雅图的时候,我很高兴因为我不能等看我的外公外婆。

圣诞节的前一天,我的外婆很忙。我妈妈跟外婆一起去超级市场买各种各样的鸡鸭鱼肉和材料。除了去超市以外,她们还去购物广场做最后一分钟礼物购物。 她们一回家就开始做圣诞节的美餐。在家,我也很忙因为我要做很多的东西。我先写了很多很多的圣诞节卡给我的亲戚,然后帮助妈妈布置我们的圣诞树,再挂上圣诞节的灯。我做的很好因为我外婆的房子有一个很漂亮的圣诞节日气氛!

圣诞节晚上六点半我的亲戚朋友来到我的外婆的房子。我们都一边笑一边哭因为我们可以一起见面。虽然我的外婆做很多的菜,可是每个家庭也带一个菜。 有的带沙拉,有的带土豆泥,有的带汉堡包,有的带比萨饼。除了西餐以外,我的奶奶还做中餐比如说:饺子,春卷,糖醋排骨,烤火鸭和炒青菜,所以我们有一个很新鲜的各式各样的美食。我们都不是挑食所以什么菜我们都吃了。 我外婆做的菜比我妈妈的好所以我吃到我吃不下。


LA Goals

Quarter 2 Goals

Quarter 2 Reading Goal: 

For quarter 2, my goal is to read more of a variety of genres as I currently always read fantasy and realistic fiction. To improve, I will make sure that I don’t read two books of the same genre in a row, and will be tracking it through my reading blog.

Quater 2 Writing Goal: 

My writing goal is to improve my grammar (specifically commas) as I often make many mistakes. I will use the practices on NoRedInk to work on my skills and will track it through the results on the website to try and get 100% correct.

Approaches to Learning Rubric

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Quarter 4 Goals

Reading Goal:

My quarter 4 reading goal is to read a wider variety of genres as I currently read mostly fantasy only. I will track this through my reading log, making sure that I don’t have to many books in a row in the same genre column.

Writing Goal:

My quarter 4 writing goal is to be able to use and apply my wonder words on my wall. I will track this by underlining the words which I used in my writing, making sure I use at least 2 each time.

Quarter 4 Goals Presentation

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Quarter 4 Approaches to Learning Rubric

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Grade 8 Writing

My First Narrative:

Photo on 21-9-15 at 12.33 PM #2Photo on 21-9-15 at 12.34 PM Photo on 21-9-15 at 12.34 PM #2 Photo on 21-9-15 at 12.34 PM #3



For my first narrative, I was pleased with my plot as I feel that I had a strong introduction, rising point, climax, falling action and resolution. I was able to apply my learning to how to write dialogue properly, and make sure my punctuation is correct. Some challenges that I faced were dealing with my tenses as I often switched back and forth between present and past tense, so I need to stick with one tense, and also making sure to write numbers in letter form. I could also improve by using different sentence structures to add more variety into my story.

Second Writing Formative 

Photo on 14-10-15 at 1.08 PM Photo on 14-10-15 at 1.08 PM #2 Photo on 14-10-15 at 1.09 PM

Final Summative Narrative

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Poem Summative

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Photo on 5-11-15 at 2.19 PM #3


Persuasive Essay Formative

Photo on 26-11-15 at 2.43 PM #2 Photo on 26-11-15 at 2.44 PM

For this first formative we took on persuasive righting, we were given a prompt and research information. Out of this information that we were given, we had to turn it into an essay consisting of an introduction, supporting paragraph and conclusion. I feel that I really understood the format of an essay with the background information, thesis, RDF, Examples and conclusion which greatly improved my writing as it was a lot more organised. I could improve on trying to make a strong thesis statement with a better conclusion which sums it up.


Argument Writing (persuasive summative essay) Photo on 11-1-16 at 12.19 PM #3 Photo on 11-1-16 at 12.19 PM #4 Photo on 11-1-16 at 12.19 PM Photo on 11-1-16 at 12.20 PM Photo on 11-1-16 at 12.20 PM #2

For this essay, I felt very confident and well prepared going into the writing process as I had many citations and research notes on my topic of abortion. Some of my strengths includes following the structure of an essay with background information, a thesis statement, RDFs, evidence and a conclusion tying up the essay and linking back to the thesis, and also using stronger word choice to express my opinions to persuade the reader. I really need to improve on conventions, especially in spelling vocabulary accurately as I had many mistakes. I also need to make sure I source every link I used as I missed out on one of the sources I added on to my bibliography later on in the process after printing the rest out.

PEAK -Six Word Story

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Literary Paragraph Summaries


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The Outsiders Summative Reflection

Photo on 16-5-16 at 2.05 PM Photo on 16-5-16 at 2.05 PM #2 Photo on 16-5-16 at 2.05 PM #3 Photo on 16-5-16 at 2.06 PM


For my Outsiders literary device summative essay, I think that I did well in organising/structuring my essay, ensuring that I have an introduction, thesis, RDF, examples and a conclusion. I was able to explain how and why S.E. Hinton used the literary devices that she did, and show examples through quotes in the book. I really wish that I had taken more time in editing my paper as I had a many spelling errors which I didn’t catch.

Macbeth Text Message Conversation



Macbeth Double Entry Journal Summative

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Macbeth Brain Frame

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My Best Friend Chinese Essay



By: Hannah Tan

今天我来介绍一下我最好的朋友。 我最好的朋友叫 Alix。我们在同一个学校上学所以我每天可以跟她一起玩儿。 我六年级的时候认识她,因为在英语课, 我和 Alix 坐在一起, 所以我们常常聊天儿和互相帮助。我喜欢帮助她,她喜欢帮助我。Alix 是混血儿,她一半是美国人,一半是西班牙人。Alix 长得很漂亮!她又高又瘦。她有咖啡色的长头发,大大的眼睛和长长的腿。她的性格温和,Alix总是对人友善,耐心和从来不发脾气。我的家离Alix的家很近! 走路十分钟就到了,所以我经常走路去她的家玩游戏。在周末的时候,我们在一起时喜欢把她的狗去沙滩游泳,和去购物广场一边逛街一边聊天儿。我们不在一起的时候平常发电邮和打电话。

虽然Alix是我最好的朋友,可是我和她很不一样。Alix 很聪明。她考试考得很好。很多的老师喜欢她因为她总是举手问问题。Alix 很喜欢学校因为她喜欢学新的东西。除了数学课和科学课以外,她还喜欢美术课和表演课。Alix长大的时候想当演员。她也最喜欢使她自己的电影。我呢,从来不演员因为我怕人会笑我。 Alix 不但喜欢学校,而且也爱运动Alix 跑步比我很快!所以我不可以跟她一起跑步因为我太慢。她参加了学校的跑步队和学校的足球队。她每天一放学就去足球场跑步和踢足球

我们都喜欢看一样的书和一样的电影。除了看书和电影以外,我们还喜欢旅游,去各种各样的地方。Alix 是一个很好的朋友因为在困难的时候Alix总是帮我,和在不开心的时候,我可以跟她聊聊天儿。长大的时候我希望我们总是好朋友。

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 10.11.10 AM Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 10.11.16 AM