Greek Temple Review

When we were making our temples I was really exited and because Brian had a really good plan to use we were fully ready for making the temple. However, my original intend of a 14 cm statue became a 25 cm statue, so it was way taller than inteded, meaning the pillars, made to help fit the original 14 cm plan, were too short. But, when we made it, we just did a few edits, like making the roof taller, and making a sort of semi-circle thing ontop of the roof so the statue could fit inside, although in the end I took it out to bring home to be a suivenier. Also, there was something that annoyed me, one of our group members (no names mentioned) kept complaining when I just wanted to be careful and make sure nothing in out temple got ruined. I think our groups temple was very good for the 6th rade standard.



If I were to make another temple again, I would make the statue follow the plan and not make it too tall or tell my partners to make the pillars taller so we wouldn’t have had t make the semi-circle on top. Also, I would have made the statue better, more in proportion, not make the head slanted towards one side, and also, just make it look more appealing. I think our temple was a very good one, and I congradulate my whole group for that. However, ther eare some white “chunks” of wet clay used as glue to help keep the temple together. Also, some of the columns broke, and I think we could have made them drier before we brought them to school.