Blog Post #2

  1. Summarize your learning – what do you know, what do you think you know, and why
  2. What level of badge are you aiming for? How will you achieve it?
  3. Look back at your specific learning goal for Unit 2: Challenges of a Growing Population. Have you been keeping up with it? Explain.
  4. How did conferences go? Write a short summary of what we discussed and what your goals are. *Pierce can share his notes if you forget…

Through out this part of the quarter we have been learning about the challenges of a large and growing population. I believe I am doing ok with mostly ME’s and some minor exceptions. I also believe I have a good understanding of what we are learning, because sometimes I discuss some of it with my parents when watching news.


I am aiming for the _____ badge because I want to achieve a badge where I don’t have any work issues like forgetting homework or not finishing my homework. I want to have a better badge than I had last time in the previous unit, because I want to see that I had an improvement.

My learning goals for Unit 2 of Social Studies is to get better grades, finish every work piece, and study more before a summative, not just the night before. Another goal is also to not forget what I learn from the unit. However I have once not finished my homework on time, so I have to try to not do that again, and to follow my unit goals.

In my parent conferences we discussed about some of my achievements and disappointments in a class. We also talked about how I do in group activities and in class discussions. My goals are to try to work faster and also try to give in  homework that would give me a DE.