LA Quarter 3 Goals


Goal:To  add more words to my wonder words wall by writing my words on a sticky note before christmas.

S: I will add more words to my wonder words wall before finishing my book because my wall has currently few words.

M:I will try to add 5 words a chapter or more, and see how many I have on my wall when I finish a book.

A:I will have a sticky note on the cover of the books I read so I have somewhere to write my words for my wall.

R:I will need to bring a sticky note packet with me when I get a new book, and also I need a pencil when I read.

T:I will try to have over 50 words on my wall before christmas.



Goal: To have a higher vocabulary, so that I may use it when writing a essay, or paragraph.

S: I will use words from my wonder words wall, as well as other words I see/hear that I do not know.

M: I will make a spreadsheet on google and insert every new word I learn.

A: Look at buildings when outside to find any ads or posters with words I don’t know, go on my wonder words wall, or listen for when someone says a word I have not heard before.

R: I will spend less time on less effective things, and notice more things, so I have a higher chance of seeing a new word I have not seen/heard before.

T: Have at least 50 words by the end of quarter 3.

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