Robotics Hebocon

What is a robot?

A robot is a machine that can move either independently or with assistance.

Which one is the most creative Robot and why?

I think the most creative robot was the Black Mamba by Sheel. It utilized a ramp as its source of motion, and was a relatively large robot, thus could just push any other robot out of the ring.

How is it different from the Vex bot?

This is different from the Vex robot because instead of programming it to do as we want, we can only turn it on and then watch it perform, thus more thought is put in the design instead in “programming” our robot.

Robotics Unit 1: August 24 Class Reflection

Today we finished the rest of the presentations that we couldn’t finish last time, and then we got our robots.

We split into 5 different groups of 2 or 3 students, then got our robots. (I was grouped with Andrew Lee).

We then named our robots, and our group named our robot “Harambee 2.0”, and made our group name “Great Gorillas”.


Robotics Lesson 18/8/16

Today we set up our blogs for class and submitted the links to Mr.Lin so that he had easy access to all of them. Then, we discussed on the definition of a robot. We all wrote descriptions on sticky notes and chose the best description. Then we all had a discussion about what separates a robot from a human and found that there were no solid differences that could be made to distinguish a robot from a human.