Robotics: Unit 1 Review

What was the question about when we started this unit?

The question when we started this unit was “What is a robot”, where we had presentations and discussions on what we viewed a robot was.
What have you done in this unit?

First we had an introduction to the course, and then we wrote sticky notes on what we imagined as a robot, and had a discussion about what a robot was. Then we had Pecha Kucha presentations on what we felt was a robot, and in the end had a Hebocon competition, which is a robot competition where we use low tech robots, focusing on the design more than control of the robot
List out few questions you had during the exploration process of this unit.

A major question I had in this unit was how a robot and a machine were different, and the uses for robots in the modern world.

Do you feel confident to discuss with other people about the knowledge and topics covered in this unit?

After the first unit I feel more confident about having discussions on the topic of robots, what separates a robot from a machine.
How can we learn better as a group? What can you and the class do differently to learn better?

As a group we can learn better by placing focus and not going off topic. I could speak more to contribute into class and the class could try to not interrupt and distract when learning