Art & Design : Sketchbook Reflection

Part 1:

Art & Design Sketchbook

Photo on 19-1-16 at 9.32 am #3

The sketchbook is made from two cover pieces and 10 A3 papers in the middle which are the pages.

How I made it:

First I layered all the A3 papers on top of each other, then folded them across the middle (Landscape).

Then, I glued two cover pieces onto the pages on the outside, with the rough side facing out.

Next, I taped over the foldĀ inside and outside the book several times so it stayed together.

Then, I marked 9 dotsĀ 3 cm apart from each other inside the book, on the crease. I used a hammer and a nail to make holes where the dots were.

Finally, I used string to sew the book together using the “Two over One under” Method through the dots. After that I designed the cover so I could easily recognise it was mine from a distance.

Part 2:

Transient Books:

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 9.48.38 amScreen Shot 2016-01-19 at 9.48.43 am

Transient Books is a company that creates custom book designs for people. They are located in Argentina. They create creative designs that they ship to distributors in the USA and Argentina. Their purpose is to give custom books for people that need/want them.

Part 3:

Even though eBooks are becoming very popular, I believe that we still require paper books in the world. I believe this because eBooks have to be read on electronics, and many of them are very expensive. Paper Books, on the other hand, are cheap and a lot of people can access them easily. Libraries would go out of business very fast if eBooks took over and if Paper Books were obsolete.