Art & Design: Personal Hero

Original My Drawing
 Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 9.41.10 am Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 9.38.38 am


Why did you choose this person to draw? What impact have they had on your life?

I chose to draw one of my uncles on my dads side of my family. I chose to draw him because he is very successful in being a mathematics professor, and the impact he’s had on me is that he’s an inspiration for me, someone that I could look up to. He has received numerous awards for his work on mathematics, and is the Head Professor of Mathematics at Hong Kong University currently.
How has drawing this person affected your admiration or respect for this person?  (Do you have a greater admiration or respect after drawing? Do you feel like you know more about this person i.e. facial features you never noticed before?)

I feel that after I have drawn my uncle I have more admiration for him because from his facial features I an tell that he has lived for a medium-long period of time, and has been able to accomplish a lot in his lifetime.  I feel that I know more about him now because now I have noticed a few features on him that I previously have never seen in family gatherings.

Explain what allowed you to achieve success in your drawing?

What allowed me to achieve success in my drawing was staying focused on my work, and working as efficient as I could. I was able to finish the outline shapes for my drawing quickly so I could start working on shading, which took up most of the time. From staying focused on my work I could easily find things that didn’t seem right and I could easily rectify them. Mr.Lee helped me in some parts of my drawing so that it looked even more similar to my uncle. All this led to my drawing successfully looking like the original image.
What did using the grid transfer method allow you to do? Name 3 important uses.

1. It helped me get the right proportions in my drawing so that my drawing wasn’t too wide/too short etc.

2. It helped me scale the printed A4 image onto the sized A3 image without much issue

3. It helped in telling me how tall or wide something should be, because I could draw shapes relative to the size of the box. Instead of drawing unique features, I could instead just match the shape in each of the boxes, and when they all connected up it became similar to the original shape.
What areas of your drawing could have been improved?

I could have improved the blending so the face looked more smooth, and also his clothing, as you can still see some rough textures. I could also have improved in getting certain features on his face to match closer to the original drawing, like the mouth, which in my drawing was more of a “smile” than in the original image. The nose and eyes could have been better, because they are recognizable, but not exactly what he looks like.