Art & Design: Painting with Collage

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 9.34.29 am
Describe the elements of your collage and what relationships you have created through your images.  

The background is red and dark to represent anger, which reflects the fast pace of a section of the song which is in a minor key. Another element is me writing the music, which represents my passion for music.
How have you used the techniques of juxtaposition, dislocation, and or transformation.  Use specific examples from your work.

Juxtaposition: Placing my with a pencil and a piece of music in the background

Dislocation: I am writing the music in a background that is not very realistic, and appears to be somewhat angry

Transformation: The environment I am writing the music in is like a fantasy world
Describe your painting technique by explaining your process (what you used and how you painted)

My painting technique was a lot of small strokes, with first having “ugly” colors painted on the bottom and the red+orange painted on afterward, and red sprayed on the music slightly. At the end, I sprayed a bit of blue to lighten the colors a bit.
What areas of your work are you most proud of?

What I am most proud of is the texture I got on the red parts of my painting, that it looks more of a texture than just a single color, as I don’t usually consider myself an “artist”.
What areas of your work needs improvement?
The thing about my painting that needs improvement is the organization, making everything fit together. Right now it kind of looks like a red painting with blue just sprayed randomly on top, and the music isn’t highlighted as well as I thought it should have been.
What is the overall theme or message of your work? Please explain the impact of specific collage photos, color choice, and technique in painting or use of collage.

The theme of my painting is passion and anger. The colors are put together to show anger, the anger in the song, and my passion of music is represented by me writing the musical score. The impact of the painting is that it gives people an appreciation for music, and the anger behind this one piece.