LA Reading Blog 6

Book Equivalent #   2   Words: 108,199 Date: 20/10/15         Book Worths Read so far: 12
Title: Keepers of the Labyrinth                                              Author: Erine E. Moulton

Genre ~ Non-Fiction / Fiction Type:

Realistic Fiction

Opening Sentence: 

The wind blew in from the Aegean and swept toward the Libyan Sea.

Favourite word / phrase / sentence:

“Are you speaking metaphorically?” Charlie whispered, looking up from her journal. “I do love metaphors.”

Vocabulary and new terms (with part of speech) and definitions, antonyms and synonyms:






Reflection, Connection & Personal Response: 

Keepers of the Labrynth was a story about the adventures of a few girls that started in a camp and quickly turned into an adventure. I can relate to the girls in the story when they had to either do an somewhat unsafe action or not make it through. I personally feel that this is a good book, and I reccomend it to everyone to read.

LA Reading Blog #5

Book Equivalent #   1   Words: 58,000 Date: 16/9/15         Book Worths Read so far: 10
Title: Nerds: Attack of the Bullies                                                    Author: Michael Buckley 

Genre ~ Non-Fiction / Fiction Type:


Opening Sentence: 

The principal of Thomas Kownlton Middle School was working at his desk when the ninjas attacked.

Favourite word / phrase / sentence:

Ruby felt a little guilty leaving her folks alone with the mob the called family, but not that guilty.

Vocabulary and new terms (with part of speech) and definitions, antonyms and synonyms:

Clearance-Allowance to do something

Savage-Rude, cruel

Continuum-Something that is continuous

Reflection, Connection & Personal Response: 

It felt like a new book since I had left the series for around 3 years, but once I started reading what happened in the previous books just came back to me. I can connect with Ruby that sometimes I have responsibility on me because others cannot manage. I can say that this is a good ending to the 5 part series.

LA Reading Blog #2


Book Equivalent #   3   Words: 190,400 Date: 16/9/15         Book Worths Read so far: 6
Title: The Assasins Blade                                                                Author: Sarah J. Maas    

Genre ~ Non-Fiction / Fiction Type:


Opening Sentence: 

Seated in the council room of the Assassins’ Keep, Celaena Sardothein leaned back in her chair.

Favourite word / phrase / sentence:

She couldn’t tell what was worse: a quck beheading, or yeilding to the king.

Vocabulary and new terms (with part of speech) and definitions, antonyms and synonyms:





Reflection, Connection & Personal Response: 

This is a story made of stories, and I feel it is to represent Celaena’s journy being in different segments, ignoring the ambiguous parts of unimportance. I can connect how Celaena felt when Sam died, as the loss of somebody is very hard. I can also connect to how I trusted someone, but in the end they betrayed us, just like how Ansel betrayed Celaena in the end




LA Reading Blog #1


Book Equivalent #   3   Words: 175,150 Date: 21/8/15         Book Worths Read so far: 3
Title: Heir of Fire                                                                Author: Sarah J. Maas    

Genre ~ Non-Fiction / Fiction Type:


Opening Sentence: 

Gods, it was boiling in this useless excuse for a kingdom.

Favourite word / phrase / sentence:

Three tall, lanky silhouettes lurked in front of her cave.

Vocabulary and new terms (with part of speech) and definitions, antonyms and synonyms:

Lanky : ungracefully thin and tall. ANTONYM: Stocky SYNONYM: Slender

Sentries : a soldier set to keep guard of a certain location. ANTONYM: Travelling(Soldier) SYNONYM: Lookout : a place to have a view of the landscape




Hazy : confused, uncertain


Impregnable : Not pregnable(vulnerable) to attacks

Reflection, Connection & Personal Response: 

I feel that this story is about a Woman who has been alone for most of her life, but used to be royalty. Though I have not read the books that happen before this entry, it is a book that kept me reading at night. I will definitely read the rest of the series by the end of the year.

Heir of Fire





Colons appear all over the place: in sentences, lists, and salutations. An example is a shopping list.

Colons can be used in salutatinons, like “Dear Mrs.Llama:” or “Dear Ms.Bevear:” or “Dear Tibbitus Munchkins:”

How a Colon is used:

Complete sentences : list of things

Correct example: Timmy wants several toys for Christmas: an Easy Bake oven, a watercolor kit, a barbie doll, and a Lite-Brite.

Incorrect example : Timmy wants these : A cake and a candle

Use Colons Sparingly

Rule: Replace the Colon with the word “Namely”, and if the sentence flows, then you used the Colon properly.

You don’t have to capitalize the first letter after a colon unless it is normally capitalized.

Example : Timmy had three places he wanted to visit: France, Bangladesh, and Brazil

Example : Timmy had three places he wanted to visit: the grocey story, post office, and the fireman station

LA Quater 4 Goals

Reading: My reading Goal this quarter is to read at least 2 books in each genre by the end of the Quarter.

S: To read at least 2 books from each Genre(Including books that I have read before)

M: My reading log will be my history for what books in read in what Genre

A: I can read long Books, as well as short books if I start to run out of time

R: As I have read many books already in the previous 3 quarters, I just need to finish up the ones I haven’t read much/at all.

T: By the end of Quarter 4

Writing: My writing Goal this quarter is to use at least 25 vocabulary words from my wonder words wall/vocabulary document by the end of the quarter.

S: To use at least 25 vocabulary words from both my vocabulary list (Google Drive) and my Word Wall

M: If my Word Choice grade stays or go up, and I can use “word search” on Microsoft word to find the words I have used in my writing pieces

A: I can do this by studying the words on both my lists/tables when I know there is a formative/summative coming up, so I am well prepared

R: I can do this as since I have many words, there will be more places where I have applicable words, so they will help in my word choice, and possible my grade.

T: By the end of Quarter 4

Q4 Goals Presentation Rubric


Romeo And Juliet Unit

Orange Form

I found there was a small contrast, but not much. My parents and I both said similar things, and though partially inaccurate, what we expected the other to say was not too far from par of the actual thing the other said. For example, most of the things I said, my parents said, with the exception of “Musical”.  My parents said curious, something I didn’t think about when writing mine, as I didn’t think it was “always” required. In general, I find that whatever I want will still fill out part of the request of my parents, so we don’t have any major disagreements




Act 1: Scene One

A pair of Montague were walking along the market and see some members of the Capulet family, so they go across the market to them to fight. One of the Montague “bites their thumb” at the Capulets and they start to argue. Then a man with a sword came to try and end their battle with force, and “maintain peace”. However, one of the Montague tells him “How can there be peace when you hold a sword?” so everyone brings their swords out and start fighting. Many get injured, and after a while, the Bell Rung, and Prince Escalus rides his horse to the market, with many Knights surrounding him. He quickly ends the fight and call for the Montague come with him. Romeo comes up a slope to see his family going in, and then sees many injured, of the Capulets family.

Act 1: Scene Two

Paris asks Juliets father if he can marry her. His father explains a lot about a wife, and says that he should go to the party “tonight” so Paris can meet Juliet and “woo” her. He was given permission to marry her.

Act 1: Scene Three

Juliet is called by a maid to go to her mother. Her mother talks about the subject of Juliet being older than many who have already become mothers, and talks about how Paris wants to marry her. Juliet says that she will need to see him first before she can decide if she likes him or not.

Act 1: Scene Four

Romeo and his friends go to the Capulets party, and Romeo doesn’t want to go, because of a “dream” he had where he would meet his end. However, his friend Mercuto says that it’s just a dream, and starts talking about the story of a fantasised “Queen Mab” and then is eventually stopped by Romeo, who told him “Thou Speaks of nothing” Meaning he is speaking something that isn’t real.

Act 1: Scene Five

Romeo and Juliet see each other (from a distance) and fall in love for the other. Tybalt recognises Romeo and tells the father of the Capulet, however, he is told to ignore him. He is insulted, from both Juliets father and mother, and then is kept quiet .As the party progresses, Romeo and Juliet finally meet, alone, and “Let lips do what palms do”, twice. As the party ends, Paris finally meets Juliet, but Juliet gives no affectionate response. As people start to leave, they find out that the other is of a family that is their enemy.

Act 2: Scene One

After the party, Romeos friends, now drunk, scream his name to try and find him. However, Romeo has jumped up a ledge on the wall of the Capulets home and hides in a tree. He then goes up the tree, and up onto the home of the Capulets.

Act 2: Scene Two

Romeo “stalks” Juliet for a bit from his tree before they Juliet finds out he is there. Then Romeo comes up, and they talk for a bit, and they kiss, many, many, many, many, many, many, many times. Romeo asks for Juliet to marry him, and Juliet accepts. Juliet is then called away, but she stays for a very, very long time before she leaves. She promises to send a messenger so they know where to marry, tomorrow.

Act 2: Scene Three

After the night, Romeo returns home to find Friar Lawrence farming. They greet each other happily, and Romeo tells of him finding his love. He asks if it is Rosaline, and Romeo replies with a “Rosaline, I have forgotten that name”, which mean’t a “No”. He goes a long time explaining about how it is the daughter of their enemy, Juliet. Lawrence originally declines, but then after a bit of consideration, he finally says yes to the 2 of them marrying, which gives Romeo joy unmatched with.

Act 2: Scene Four

Romeos friends finally find Romeo, and then they start joking about “love”. Then, Juliets Maid comes and Romeo, along with his friends, call her a “Sail” as the back of her “hat” was flying in the wind. The gets joked on, and then all of Romeos friends run away. Romeo then, with Juliets maid, go into the Church and the maid tells Romeo that she says “yes” to Romeo being married to Juliet. Then they walk away, out of the church.

Act 2: Scene Five

Juliets nurse returns to Juliets home, with Peter. They tell peter to wait at the gate. Juliets nurse starts talking about her “aching” bones, and takes a very, very, very long time to tell Juliet what Romeo says. But finally, she tells that they will be married, by a guy named “Friar Lawrence”.

Act 2: Scene Six

Both Romeo and Juliet arrive to the church, and start kissing. Friar Lawrence tells them to not love so much, only moderately. Then, they both walk up to the front of the church, and in their “private wedding”, the “ceremony” begins.

Act 3: Scene 1

It starts with Tybalt finding Mercuto and asks for Romeo to battle. Then, Romeo comes and denies the battle, as he does not want more grudges against a family where he has just married to. Mercuto fits Tybalt, and after a very, long battle which started as a Joke, Mercuto was injured. Tybalt runs away, in fear. Mercuto talks about how he is fine, and he is not injured, but he dies before a doctor can come. His death enraged Romeo, so Romeo chases after Tybalt, and they fight. This time, Romeo kills Tybalt, and then they run.

Act 3: Scene 2

The prince comes to the scene, and lady capulet wants Romeo dead. However, the prince decides instead to just banish him from Verona. Later, Romeo starts crying on the floor, and even tries to kill himself. However, Friar Lawrence said that he will try to convince the prince to let him back, one day. Romeo gets one more night, and spends it with Juliet. After, like before, they have a hard time saying good bye, then like the monkey Romeo is, he climbs down the wall and leaves.

Act 3: Scene 3

Juliet weeps, for Romeo has been banished. Her mother,, however, thinks she is weeping because of Tybalts death. She tells her that she shouldn’t weep so much, as she has good news. She tells Juliet that she is going to marry Paris. Juliet rejects, and then her mother tells Juliets father. Her father comes in, and tells her that either she mary Paris, or she get kicked from the home of the capulets, and to live in the streets. After, she asks her maid/nurse what to do, and she says to marry Paris, as Romeo will not come back. So Juliet then decides to go to Friar Lawrence to ask for advice.

Act 4: Scene 1

She meets Paris, who gives a “Holy Kiss” on her forehead, which Paris thinks that Juliet will treasure, and remember. Juliet, doesn’t however, and goes into Friar Lawrences “lab”, and asks for what she can do. Since he likes to work in a garden, he knows many plants/drugs and their effects on people. He tells her that he has something that can make her sleep for 42 hours, to make her appear that she is dead. Then Romeo can come and taker her away, so they can be together. Juliet leaps with joy, and asks to give her now. Friar says that he will give the drug later, and that he will write a letter to Romeo first.

Act 4: Scene 2

She tells her father that she will marry Paris. His father says that he will move the marriage to wednesday, instead of being on thursday. In her room, Juliet thinks about what could go wrong, but then says “Love give me strength” and drinks the poison.

Act 4: Scene 3

Her maid/nurse finds her “dead” in the morning of the wedding. Everyone weeps, and then instead of the wedding, a funeral commences. Romeos servant, Balthasar, sees, and thinks she is actually dead. After, he rides his horse to Manchua, where Romeo is, to tell him that Juliet is dead, unaware of what was supposed to be told to Romeo.

Act 5: Scene 1

Romeo says that he will join Juliet in death, and they both charge back to Verona. The mailman sees them pass, and is unable to give the letter. Romeo gets a drug which he intends to use to join Juliet, and says farewell to Balthasar, and the horse.

Act 5: Scene 2

Romeo enters the cemetery, and after a bit of searching, finds Juliets “dead” body, unaware of the poison she drank. With him, Romeo brought some poison, and intended to drink it to join Juliet in the afterlife. After a hard time in saying goodbye, he drinks it, unaware that Juliet is still alive. Frair Lawrence comes into the cemetery to see Romeos dead body, and at that moment, Juliet wakes up, questioning why she isn’t with Romeo, in another city. Frair tries to bring Juliet out of the cemetery, but Juliet stays. Friar runs in fear of being seen, and Juliet sees Romeos dead body. She now wants to join him, and drinks the poison. But she can hear people, so she takes Romeos dagger, and stabs herself, to join Romeo.

Romeo and Juliet Visual Literacy + Play Rubrics

Romeo and Juliet Visual Packet

Romeo and Juliet Visual Analyze

Quizlet Test

Visual Literacy Summative + Rubric

Work Habbits

Champions Project Reflection


The champions project was one of the most interesting projects I’ve done in middle school so far. I liked how we could choose the person we could research, so it gave us more interest into the project. I liked how we a lot of the aspects could be mostly done in class if we stayed on task, so there was usually not too much homework. What helped me learn well was that I was learning from someone I look up to (Yo-Yo Ma). He inspires me, and researching him helped me learn more of the things he did for the world, and how someone could do those things in creative ways. What was challenging was that sometimes I couldn’t find the specific answer for something, and this would either leave me to find other sources, or just make it up. For example, the exact dates of certain events, like the death of his father, the day he got his Stradivarius Cello, I could not find a source with an exact date for these events. However, if I were to do this project again, I would do quite a few things differently. For anything that has to be hard copy, I would rather print text instead of write, because my handwriting can be difficult to read, at times. I would also check for little mistakes more carefully, like in my Journal Entry, where I had quite a few silly errors. But, if I were to completely choose a different person for the Champions! project, I would choose either “Mozart” or “Bach” because they both wrote many famous pieces of music.


For the champions project, I think that there should be more options for the free choice, as there were only a limited choice in the list of free choice options. I also think that the Facebook should be replaced with something else, as it was the most time consuming part of the project, in my opinion.

LA Quarter 3 Goals


Goal:To  add more words to my wonder words wall by writing my words on a sticky note before christmas.

S: I will add more words to my wonder words wall before finishing my book because my wall has currently few words.

M:I will try to add 5 words a chapter or more, and see how many I have on my wall when I finish a book.

A:I will have a sticky note on the cover of the books I read so I have somewhere to write my words for my wall.

R:I will need to bring a sticky note packet with me when I get a new book, and also I need a pencil when I read.

T:I will try to have over 50 words on my wall before christmas.



Goal: To have a higher vocabulary, so that I may use it when writing a essay, or paragraph.

S: I will use words from my wonder words wall, as well as other words I see/hear that I do not know.

M: I will make a spreadsheet on google and insert every new word I learn.

A: Look at buildings when outside to find any ads or posters with words I don’t know, go on my wonder words wall, or listen for when someone says a word I have not heard before.

R: I will spend less time on less effective things, and notice more things, so I have a higher chance of seeing a new word I have not seen/heard before.

T: Have at least 50 words by the end of quarter 3.

LA Goals


Goal:To  add more words to my wonder words wall by writing my words on a sticky note before christmas.

S: I will add more words to my wonder words wall before finishing my book because my wall has currently few words.

M:I will try to add 5 words a chapter or more, and see how many I have on my wall when I finish a book.

A:I will have a sticky note on the cover of the books I read so I have somewhere to write my words for my wall.

R:I will need to bring a sticky note packet with me when I get a new book, and also I need a pencil when I read.

T:I will try to have over 100 words on my wall before christmas.



Goal:To not write so many “I’s” in my writing by learning other words I can use to substitute before christmas.

S: I will not write I as much in my writing every time I write because being repetitive is boring.

M:On any writing test I will count how many I’s I use and try to not have over 5 I’s.

A:I will research for other words to use and so I don’t get into a situation where I need to use I.

R:I will need to know how to not use I by having a different sentence structure.

T:I will see how many “I’s” I’ve used before christmas, and try to not have used more that 50 “I’s”.