Tech 3D Museum Reflection

Tech 3D has been a really fun class, because we could create things like buildings and huts and pictures, which we would normally not be able to do in regular. When we did our project, Shane and I split up what parts of the museum we would do and what parts the other would do. I did the land like the grass and the path around the place, and also one of the postcard buildings. Shane did the big building, his postcard building, and collected the photos. In the development process, we had many ideas, like a space station, a pyramid, a ant hill, but we ended up with a mansion and 2 little huts. The technical process was a little bit harder than it should have, because we had this idea for something the shape of a guitar in the path, so it took a lot of time (and circles) to get it correct, in the right shape. Also putting the postcard in the pedestals was a bit complicated because we had to move the glass then put it in but then putting the glass back was really hard to get in the right place.


I learned a lot from making this museum, like how to import things, how to edit imported things individually, how to make complicated shapes with circles, using the tape measurer, and from previous classes, how to manage 3d objects in photoshop which is usually in 2d. I could/would use these skill in future if I need to like make a poster or a video on a subject, because these skills could be very useful.



Social Studies Unit 1 Reflection

For the unit 1 Social Studies, I think that I did quite good with a few exceptions (cough, community map). I learned a lot, like what a thematic map was, how many different thematic maps there are, what type of biomes in the world there are, what types of maps there are, and a lot more. I thought the most fun part of Unit 1 was the card game where we had to guess a word from someone. I thought it was fun because it was entertaining at the very least to watch someone under pressure and staying still like they didn’t know what a word was or what it meant. It was also funny to see people struggle with some words.   MapMr.Pierce gave me a Gold Ferdinand Magellan Badge for this unit. I agree with this because for some works I did good and others I got a bad grade, so I half got god grades and half didn’t. Badge   One strategy that didn’t work in Unit 1 was studying the night before a test, and not studying before so I am well prepared. However, one strategy that did work was using my time wisely in class so I had less homework at home for Social Studies.   My learning goal for Unit 2 of Social Studies is to get better grades, finish every work piece, and study more before a summative, not just the night before. Another goal is also to not forget what I learn from the unit.

End of year letter to future 6th grader.

Dear future 6th grader,

6th grade is a lot of fun, and the best experience was PEAK, where we went to Beijing. It was really fun because we got to be in another location outside of Hong Kong without our parents, we went to a lot of fun places, and it was out of the ordinary from our schedule. The most challenging activity, I think personally, is also PEAK, because we have to organise and clean and do everything by ourselves, no parents to help us, for 5 days, away from our usual home. However, a very easy experience was Greek and Roman day, because it wasn’t really special, only we wore something different, did more sports, and had a weird and awkward lunch. To be successful in 6th grade, you need to finish all your HW on time, pay a attention a lot more, and don’t do things that you aren’t supposed to, like drawing in classes that aren’t art. When I came to 6th grade, I thought of it to have a lot more homework and lot less fun, but I was really wrong, it was still a lot of homework, but not a lot, and 6th grade had one of the most fun I had so far in HKIS. But if I could change one thing about 6th grade, I would have not made it so each person from the same 5th grade class go in the same core class, because it becomes boring. I hope you enjoy 6th grade, 5th graders.


CYOA Reflection

I think I did my CYOA ok, not to great, but not to bad. However, next time, I will try and find a partner s I don’t have as much that I have to work on. I think my structure is good, and all events happen at the same time, not like in 2 choices if you chose one the the sun starts falling and in the other the sun starts flying up when neither has choice has to do with interacting with the sun. I also think that I could have made each choice have a longer paragraph, and make my choice a little harder to choose between, how some have a choice that is clearly better than another, like will you jump up and live or fall down and die (example, not in cyoa), you will definitely choose to live.


Click me to magically go back into the past.


I would have done a few things differently. Firstly, I would have had a partner so I wouldn’t have a large load on my back, and secondly, I would have chosen a part of an event that would have been more interesting instead of run into a fight, and fight. I also would have made a plan that would better fit the story, and choices that would fit more a character of that time period, like being bloodthirsty if the character was a killer, or like hungry if poor, and stuff like that. I would also have spent more time on it and actually finish it if I didn’t have too much to do.

Greek Temple Review

When we were making our temples I was really exited and because Brian had a really good plan to use we were fully ready for making the temple. However, my original intend of a 14 cm statue became a 25 cm statue, so it was way taller than inteded, meaning the pillars, made to help fit the original 14 cm plan, were too short. But, when we made it, we just did a few edits, like making the roof taller, and making a sort of semi-circle thing ontop of the roof so the statue could fit inside, although in the end I took it out to bring home to be a suivenier. Also, there was something that annoyed me, one of our group members (no names mentioned) kept complaining when I just wanted to be careful and make sure nothing in out temple got ruined. I think our groups temple was very good for the 6th rade standard.



If I were to make another temple again, I would make the statue follow the plan and not make it too tall or tell my partners to make the pillars taller so we wouldn’t have had t make the semi-circle on top. Also, I would have made the statue better, more in proportion, not make the head slanted towards one side, and also, just make it look more appealing. I think our temple was a very good one, and I congradulate my whole group for that. However, ther eare some white “chunks” of wet clay used as glue to help keep the temple together. Also, some of the columns broke, and I think we could have made them drier before we brought them to school.

End of the Year Reflection

Language Arts and History

1. In what ways have you changed as a reader this year? Refer to specific pieces of work to show this.

As a reader I have improved in reading for a longer time period for books from certain subjects, like reading Where the Mountain meets the moon in 1 sitting, reading Starry River of the Sky in 2 sittings(because I had to go to sleep), and reading half of the book HIGGS (about the Higgs Boson), in the time of one day.

2. In what ways have you changed as a writer this year? Refer to specific pieces of work to show this.

I have learned more about different parts of a sentence, sentence structure. I have learned also how to write a good essay, and good paragraphs. For example, my Qin Xi Huan Di essay, my Memoir, and my exaggeration essay.

3.What is the pattern that you noticed in the history topics we have studied this year?

They were all about ancient Civilizations in Afro-Eurasia. Like the Greeks, the Romans, and Egyptians.

4.What are the patterns that you have noticed in how you have approached history this year?

We read the sections at home and then get a study guide at school and have a test.


1. How have you improved or increased your understanding in math this year?

I have learned “some” new things in math and new strategies to solve problems. I have also learned a little bit to not rush when doing Math.

2. How do you think you are as a mathematical thinker? Do you make connections across different concepts, check the reasonableness of your answer and show your process?

I can solve many math problems easily but it’s showing my work that is hard to show. This is because I am impatient and like to finish things quickly.

3. How do you think you have grown with the following practices:

  • Problem solving and persevering to understand what the problem is asking

I have learned new ways of solving a problem and also a better way to understand a math question.

  • Precision in your work

This is something I am good at but sometimes wasn’t accurate in the beginning of the year.

  • Modeling of your work

Ok, this is plain and simple, my writing isn’t very tidy, so when I model, it’s sort of messy.


1. How have you increased your Scientific knowledge this year?

I have grown in scientific knowledge slightly, because most of the things we learned this year I knew before.

2. Do you feel that you are making connections across the units that we have done this year? Explain using some examples.

Yes because we had a Mind Map test and I made many connections between each subject.

3. Do you feel that you have increased your scientific skills this year? For example measuring, observing, re-testing, precision and focus in the lab….If so, explain how using an example(s).

Yes I have grown in scientific skills because before our labs were boring and simple but this year they were complicated and really fun, and really like they were for a chemist or any sort of real scientist.

Work Habits: This applies to ALL classes. (Engagement in Class (Productive, Interactions, Contributions), Organization, Working Independently, Reflecting on Work, Meeting Deadlines, Punctual, Social Responsibility(respecting) )

1. What do you feel are your strongest work habits? Give examples of how you have shown this.

I think I am the best at following school rules because I rarely break them and I respect them.

2. What work habits do you feel you are still needing to focus on for the end of this year and for Grade 7? How are you going to progress with these work habits. Give specific examples.

Contribute more to class discussions because I don’t speak a lot and thus don’t contribute a lot. I will improve on this by thinking that what I say wont be wrong.

Overall Grade 6:

1. What has been the achievement that you are most proud of at school this year?

Getting a lot of EE’s in science.

2. What has been the achievement that you are most proud of outside of school this year?

Having my Musical Theory test and passing it.

3. What has been the most challenging element of grade 6 for you? How did you work to overcome this challenge?

Being engaged in Chinese Class because it isn’t very interesting and it doesn’t keep my interest very long..

4. What are you most looking forward to in 7th grade?

More free choice for PEAK.

Academic Excellence

To show academic excellence I chose my density science test. I chose this test because I was 1 in 3 that got EE, out of 2 diads, it’s something I’m proud of. It shows academic excellence because it shows my knowledge of what we learned in class and also what I learned outside of school. This shows academic excellence also because the high grade means high knowledge in the subject, showing excellence in it. It was important that I learned parts that I didn’t know in the subject before because the knowledge can be used in future situations. The most positive part of writing my test was that after I finished and got my grade, I would have a lot of bragging rights. Not really, the most important part was that I have something to show my parents to be proud of.

Jan 20 Reflection of Last Week

1. I remember one of the important learnings from last weeks was that everything we wear could be synthetic, and that a lot of products you buy are knockoffs

2. I would tell them that our learning at school isn’t just get a book and read a page over and over till you memorise it, it’s take your learning into your own hands when applicable.

3. I still question “How many knockoff products do I actually own?” I ask this because I learn how to tell a knockoff from a real product, and the difference can be hard to spot.

4. My goal this week is to get through at least 1/2 of the book I’m reading now : The Elegant Universe. I want to accomplish this goal because the book has a lot of good information about physics that I could learn.

Jan 13 Reflection of Last Week

1.We learned multiple things, for math/science we learned about density, the equations to find the density, and how density is used. We also learned in science that if the teachers allow kids to bring phones, over 4/5 of the girls go on Instagram(not for school, kids, not for school).

In LA/SS we learned the infinity fold(which wasn’t really infinite), types of characters in a story, and the similarities and differences between China and India.

2. I would tell someone that doesn’t go to our school that “We learn in a unique way, each teacher gives a new flavour in each subject”.

3. Since the first people came from Africa, how did people go to India and China then get isolated in those countries for many years.

4.My goal this week is to remember to finish reading the book “HIGGS”,

Density Of Matter

1.Density is basically like the property of “float”, or how dense you are. Density is determined by 2 properties, Mass, and Volume. The formula to finding the Density of an object is strictly put, D = M/V. This means Mass divided my Volume equals an objects Density. So, to easily find out if something would float in water or now, if the mass was less than the volume, then it would float. Here’s an example:

Lets say a ping pong ball has a mass of 2.7 grams. And lets say it has a volume of 33cm^3 (rounded to the nearest whole number). First off, we know that ping pong balls float in water (duh), and we can prove that because the mass is less than the volume. Now, to find it's density, we divide 2.7 into 33 parts. That puts it around 0.08182 g/cm3.

The units are actually quite simple. For mass, any unit works. For volume, it’s the same unit as mass minus 2. So lets say we measure the mass in decigrams, then the volume would be measure in millimetres.

2.Gasses are always less dense than liquids because they take up more space. Gas atoms are spread apart more than liquids. Lets think, if gasses had a density higher than water, then a drink of water would be a nightmare. First, the gas would all spill into the cup of water displacing all of the water inside out. Then we would have some water on the surface you are standing on because while all this is happening, gravity is still in effect.

3.Temperature affects the density. That isn’t that precise, because temperature actually affects the volume. See, the warmer it is, the more energetic the atoms/molecules get, and they spread farther apart from each other. The warmer it is, the less dense an object is. For example, say we have an ice cube. If we put it in water, it would sink, and melt, but thats not what we’re here to talk about at the moment. If we heat it up, it turns into liquid H2O. At this time the area it takes up would increase, which is quite evident because the higher temperature would make the atoms more energised. Then, another 100*C higher and we get gas, which would never sink under water, or else people would have shown us floating water over gas by now.

4.Around 1.55g/cm3

5. 96.12g

6.Pure Gold has a density of 19.3g/cm3. Au(gold), would easily sink in water.