Sculpture Sketchbook

Photo on 14-1-15 at 9.47 AM

How I made it: First I took 2 hard pieces of paper and 1 A3 sized regular paper.I put glue all over the back of the 2 hard paper. I folded the A3 paper in half, and glued the hard paper on about 1cm from the crease. Then, i taped the crease to help with the strength. Then i took 6 other A3 paper, and folded them in half, then clipped them on. I put 3cm marks in the crease at the middle, then i get a needle and a string and keep doing a “complicated” method then tie it so it stood. After, my book was finished.


Benefits: I can keep my plans, and my drawings in a book instead of just random pieces of paper. This helps me have a collection of things instead of just one thing.


What would I do to change it: I would either put more paper inside so ther eare more pages, so I could put more things in the book. Because when i run out of pages, I would either have to make a new book or erase things, both which are time consuming and doesn’t make the book a big collection anymore.