Relief Sculpture

1.Relief sculpture is when part of somethings is raised, in 3D. People that make these cut out the background and it leaves the art technically “never made”. It gives the illusion that something has been raised up.


2.Low relief sculpture is when the depth is very little, like on a coin.


3.High relief sculpture is when the depth is very high like the “Gates to Hell”.


Sculpture Towers

Sand 2Water 1

Actually, we chose this tower because of function, not because of form. If you can’t see, in the middle of the clock, we put a watch, so that it could actually tell time. From that, we looked at clock towers and chose Big Ben. We made the shape after it, but the designs were are made on the fly.

As a real tower, people could use it to tell time (if they didn’t have a clock in their home). It could also be a great attraction for tourist, and help them tell time, if they happen to forget a watch. I would imagine this in London (Duh) or any developing country, where many people may not have watches or a proper way to tell time consistently.

We worked well in creating the tower in proper dimensions, and followed our “build” plan all the way through. However, we could have improved on communication, because we barely talked the whole time. We just stuck to the plan we made from the start.