Sculpture Clay Pot and Slab

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There are 3 differences I can see between working with clay and working with wood. Firstly, on clay you can reshape it if the original was the wrong shape, but wood once it’s cut you cant “un cut” the wood. Secondly, on clay it is very easy to connect 2 pieces of clay and merge it to look like 1 piece of clay. Thirdly, however, wood you can take as long as you want when making something, but clay you need to finish your basic design before it hardens, otherwise it would be very difficult to work with.

“Conventional” Pot:

My object was a violin peg, so I made my final “pot” based after it (A violin). I am connected to it because, as someone who is passionate about playing cello, I feel that the violin body helps amplify that. If I could have made any improvements, I would have made all the sides smoother first, before it hardened, because some of the sides could be considered “rough terrain”. My Achievement I am proud of is how the shape turned out, as it looks quite similar to the body of a Violin, only smaller.

Unconventional Pot:

It is not a pot because my final product has multiple openings, not only one “main” opening, so it is more of a pencil holder than a pot.