Sculpture Post Processes Do-ho Suh


Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 10.46.06 AM 

It looks like a picture that looks like it is made of multiple people. It is blurred to show that it probably has multiple layers of photos put together. It reminds me of a young boy. It is a very simple idea, but its simplicity makes it interesting, how it is an “average” of everyone that was once in a class, if all of them were layered on top of one and made less opaque. If I were to ask the artist someething about this, I would ask this artist about how he got the idea to make the work, like what inspired him.If I were to name this, I would call it “A person, made of people”. If I couldn’t I think that maybe he was looking through old things and wanted to make something so he could remember everyone in his class, or maybe it was an experiment. The final product seems pretty successful, as it is distinguishable as a human still, but it is a combination of everyone that he scanned. The most impressive part is how it looks so realistic, and how it is such a simple idea that became a piece of art. It is a combination of all of them, so it would take less space, instead of like 50 images of separate people, and space is filling up fast, so we need to make things smaller.