Champions Project Reflection


The champions project was one of the most interesting projects I’ve done in middle school so far. I liked how we could choose the person we could research, so it gave us more interest into the project. I liked how we a lot of the aspects could be mostly done in class if we stayed on task, so there was usually not too much homework. What helped me learn well was that I was learning from someone I look up to (Yo-Yo Ma). He inspires me, and researching him helped me learn more of the things he did for the world, and how someone could do those things in creative ways. What was challenging was that sometimes I couldn’t find the specific answer for something, and this would either leave me to find other sources, or just make it up. For example, the exact dates of certain events, like the death of his father, the day he got his Stradivarius Cello, I could not find a source with an exact date for these events. However, if I were to do this project again, I would do quite a few things differently. For anything that has to be hard copy, I would rather print text instead of write, because my handwriting can be difficult to read, at times. I would also check for little mistakes more carefully, like in my Journal Entry, where I had quite a few silly errors. But, if I were to completely choose a different person for the Champions! project, I would choose either “Mozart” or “Bach” because they both wrote many famous pieces of music.


For the champions project, I think that there should be more options for the free choice, as there were only a limited choice in the list of free choice options. I also think that the Facebook should be replaced with something else, as it was the most time consuming part of the project, in my opinion.

Blog Post #2

  1. Summarize your learning – what do you know, what do you think you know, and why
  2. What level of badge are you aiming for? How will you achieve it?
  3. Look back at your specific learning goal for Unit 2: Challenges of a Growing Population. Have you been keeping up with it? Explain.
  4. How did conferences go? Write a short summary of what we discussed and what your goals are. *Pierce can share his notes if you forget…

Through out this part of the quarter we have been learning about the challenges of a large and growing population. I believe I am doing ok with mostly ME’s and some minor exceptions. I also believe I have a good understanding of what we are learning, because sometimes I discuss some of it with my parents when watching news.


I am aiming for the _____ badge because I want to achieve a badge where I don’t have any work issues like forgetting homework or not finishing my homework. I want to have a better badge than I had last time in the previous unit, because I want to see that I had an improvement.

My learning goals for Unit 2 of Social Studies is to get better grades, finish every work piece, and study more before a summative, not just the night before. Another goal is also to not forget what I learn from the unit. However I have once not finished my homework on time, so I have to try to not do that again, and to follow my unit goals.

In my parent conferences we discussed about some of my achievements and disappointments in a class. We also talked about how I do in group activities and in class discussions. My goals are to try to work faster and also try to give in  homework that would give me a DE.

Hong Kong Occupying Central Post

The Hong Kong occupation of central is not an event that is gone silence. Different opinions of this have appeard, and it has spread across to many continents outsides of just China.


The occupation of central has caused police in the first day(s) to spray tear gas on the occupiers to try and get them to leave. However, people from outside brought to them umbrellas to shield themselves from the tear gas. Because of this, this is now known as the “Umbrella Revolution”. However, because the people have occupied the different locations so long, gangs of bad guys are going to the locations to fight and try to get the protesters to leave.



My opinions of this event are biased to the side of the protesters. I think that the government is being unfair, and sometimes can be very stupid, like once on the news when the chief secretary said that the protesters were a threat because they had umbrellas, which aren’t really that good of a weapon. I also think that the government of China or just in general people in China are paying the criminals to go attack the protesters because China is anti-democracy.

One thing I am confused about is why the police arrested some of the protesters, not to be confused with the criminals. For example, some of the protest leaders were arrested by the police before being released by the court within a days time. I would like to learn more about why China won’t give Hong Kong democracy, and why the Hong Kong Chief Executive doesn’t fight to have democracy for Hong Kong.

Social Studies Unit 1 Reflection

For the unit 1 Social Studies, I think that I did quite good with a few exceptions (cough, community map). I learned a lot, like what a thematic map was, how many different thematic maps there are, what type of biomes in the world there are, what types of maps there are, and a lot more. I thought the most fun part of Unit 1 was the card game where we had to guess a word from someone. I thought it was fun because it was entertaining at the very least to watch someone under pressure and staying still like they didn’t know what a word was or what it meant. It was also funny to see people struggle with some words.   MapMr.Pierce gave me a Gold Ferdinand Magellan Badge for this unit. I agree with this because for some works I did good and others I got a bad grade, so I half got god grades and half didn’t. Badge   One strategy that didn’t work in Unit 1 was studying the night before a test, and not studying before so I am well prepared. However, one strategy that did work was using my time wisely in class so I had less homework at home for Social Studies.   My learning goal for Unit 2 of Social Studies is to get better grades, finish every work piece, and study more before a summative, not just the night before. Another goal is also to not forget what I learn from the unit.

CYOA Reflection

I think I did my CYOA ok, not to great, but not to bad. However, next time, I will try and find a partner s I don’t have as much that I have to work on. I think my structure is good, and all events happen at the same time, not like in 2 choices if you chose one the the sun starts falling and in the other the sun starts flying up when neither has choice has to do with interacting with the sun. I also think that I could have made each choice have a longer paragraph, and make my choice a little harder to choose between, how some have a choice that is clearly better than another, like will you jump up and live or fall down and die (example, not in cyoa), you will definitely choose to live.


Click me to magically go back into the past.


I would have done a few things differently. Firstly, I would have had a partner so I wouldn’t have a large load on my back, and secondly, I would have chosen a part of an event that would have been more interesting instead of run into a fight, and fight. I also would have made a plan that would better fit the story, and choices that would fit more a character of that time period, like being bloodthirsty if the character was a killer, or like hungry if poor, and stuff like that. I would also have spent more time on it and actually finish it if I didn’t have too much to do.

Greek Temple Review

When we were making our temples I was really exited and because Brian had a really good plan to use we were fully ready for making the temple. However, my original intend of a 14 cm statue became a 25 cm statue, so it was way taller than inteded, meaning the pillars, made to help fit the original 14 cm plan, were too short. But, when we made it, we just did a few edits, like making the roof taller, and making a sort of semi-circle thing ontop of the roof so the statue could fit inside, although in the end I took it out to bring home to be a suivenier. Also, there was something that annoyed me, one of our group members (no names mentioned) kept complaining when I just wanted to be careful and make sure nothing in out temple got ruined. I think our groups temple was very good for the 6th rade standard.



If I were to make another temple again, I would make the statue follow the plan and not make it too tall or tell my partners to make the pillars taller so we wouldn’t have had t make the semi-circle on top. Also, I would have made the statue better, more in proportion, not make the head slanted towards one side, and also, just make it look more appealing. I think our temple was a very good one, and I congradulate my whole group for that. However, ther eare some white “chunks” of wet clay used as glue to help keep the temple together. Also, some of the columns broke, and I think we could have made them drier before we brought them to school.

End of the Year Reflection

Language Arts and History

1. In what ways have you changed as a reader this year? Refer to specific pieces of work to show this.

As a reader I have improved in reading for a longer time period for books from certain subjects, like reading Where the Mountain meets the moon in 1 sitting, reading Starry River of the Sky in 2 sittings(because I had to go to sleep), and reading half of the book HIGGS (about the Higgs Boson), in the time of one day.

2. In what ways have you changed as a writer this year? Refer to specific pieces of work to show this.

I have learned more about different parts of a sentence, sentence structure. I have learned also how to write a good essay, and good paragraphs. For example, my Qin Xi Huan Di essay, my Memoir, and my exaggeration essay.

3.What is the pattern that you noticed in the history topics we have studied this year?

They were all about ancient Civilizations in Afro-Eurasia. Like the Greeks, the Romans, and Egyptians.

4.What are the patterns that you have noticed in how you have approached history this year?

We read the sections at home and then get a study guide at school and have a test.


1. How have you improved or increased your understanding in math this year?

I have learned “some” new things in math and new strategies to solve problems. I have also learned a little bit to not rush when doing Math.

2. How do you think you are as a mathematical thinker? Do you make connections across different concepts, check the reasonableness of your answer and show your process?

I can solve many math problems easily but it’s showing my work that is hard to show. This is because I am impatient and like to finish things quickly.

3. How do you think you have grown with the following practices:

  • Problem solving and persevering to understand what the problem is asking

I have learned new ways of solving a problem and also a better way to understand a math question.

  • Precision in your work

This is something I am good at but sometimes wasn’t accurate in the beginning of the year.

  • Modeling of your work

Ok, this is plain and simple, my writing isn’t very tidy, so when I model, it’s sort of messy.


1. How have you increased your Scientific knowledge this year?

I have grown in scientific knowledge slightly, because most of the things we learned this year I knew before.

2. Do you feel that you are making connections across the units that we have done this year? Explain using some examples.

Yes because we had a Mind Map test and I made many connections between each subject.

3. Do you feel that you have increased your scientific skills this year? For example measuring, observing, re-testing, precision and focus in the lab….If so, explain how using an example(s).

Yes I have grown in scientific skills because before our labs were boring and simple but this year they were complicated and really fun, and really like they were for a chemist or any sort of real scientist.

Work Habits: This applies to ALL classes. (Engagement in Class (Productive, Interactions, Contributions), Organization, Working Independently, Reflecting on Work, Meeting Deadlines, Punctual, Social Responsibility(respecting) )

1. What do you feel are your strongest work habits? Give examples of how you have shown this.

I think I am the best at following school rules because I rarely break them and I respect them.

2. What work habits do you feel you are still needing to focus on for the end of this year and for Grade 7? How are you going to progress with these work habits. Give specific examples.

Contribute more to class discussions because I don’t speak a lot and thus don’t contribute a lot. I will improve on this by thinking that what I say wont be wrong.

Overall Grade 6:

1. What has been the achievement that you are most proud of at school this year?

Getting a lot of EE’s in science.

2. What has been the achievement that you are most proud of outside of school this year?

Having my Musical Theory test and passing it.

3. What has been the most challenging element of grade 6 for you? How did you work to overcome this challenge?

Being engaged in Chinese Class because it isn’t very interesting and it doesn’t keep my interest very long..

4. What are you most looking forward to in 7th grade?

More free choice for PEAK.

CYOA Story self reflection

Click me to go to my AMAZING chose your own adventure story!!!


I think our CYOA story is near low ME or an AE, because there are a few portions that were too short to be considered a detailed section of our story. Also, our story has a basic structure and obvious conclusions to everything, each ending. We could go back and work on making things less obvious and add a bit more dramatic portions in the story.

I learned while making this CYOA that there were many times where your partner was supposed to do something but they didn’t, and like this, there were many instances that I relied on my partner to finish things I couldn’t. There were many occasions that we didn’t finish something we thought we would have finished already, which lead to many problems when finalising our project.

In my opinion, I feel that we could have been better organised, either by finishing a good plan and assigning parts to each person, or we make times where we could both work on something at the same time so we can have both of our opinions when writing each paragraph. We could also have chosen better decisions when making the plan for the story, making better thought out ideas and better thought out endings.

We couldn’t finish our project on time, because either it slipped our minds, we thought our partner would do it, or we were just too lazy to work on it over the 3 day weekend.


♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦Legalism names the well known ancient philosophy of China during the Zhou Dynasty. Legalism made all rulers have total power on everything and an army to reinforce these powers. Legalism was based on the writings of Hanfeizi, who didn’t agree to Confucian. A lot of leaders followed Legalism because they were given total powers and they enjoyed having all that power. Legalism greatly influenced ancient China and partially created laws for China. Wether Legalism stopped the war of the warring states or not, we do know that it was greatly followed throughout China. To get a clear idea of Legalism, think about how school used to be, and how cruel the teachers were. The teachers had the power, and you were a loyal( 🙄 ) servant that got punished when unloyal. Legalism has the overwhelming power of being a bad idea that many rulers liked.♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦

Shang Dynasty Helmet

The Shang Dynasty has quite a few items that were made with a sole purpose for war, one of which was a helmet. A Shang Helmet was made of bronze because it’s a metal, and metals is very protective. I also know that it was manmade, and was made by an Artisan because farmers are peasants, with low amounts of skill, and soldiers/nobles are too high rank to make anything lowlife. This helmet represented Social Structure, Arts, and Technology. It represents Social Structure because in wars, it is used to help defend an army that tries to solve a problem. It represents art because helmets are all fine crafted pieces of headwear. It represents technology because it shows that people knew how to mine, how to use tools, and how to carve bronze in to a specific shape. The helmets may have had a small effect, but at this time they are legendarily old now.