Tech 3D Museum Reflection

Tech 3D has been a really fun class, because we could create things like buildings and huts and pictures, which we would normally not be able to do in regular. When we did our project, Shane and I split up what parts of the museum we would do and what parts the other would do. I did the land like the grass and the path around the place, and also one of the postcard buildings. Shane did the big building, his postcard building, and collected the photos. In the development process, we had many ideas, like a space station, a pyramid, a ant hill, but we ended up with a mansion and 2 little huts. The technical process was a little bit harder than it should have, because we had this idea for something the shape of a guitar in the path, so it took a lot of time (and circles) to get it correct, in the right shape. Also putting the postcard in the pedestals was a bit complicated because we had to move the glass then put it in but then putting the glass back was really hard to get in the right place.


I learned a lot from making this museum, like how to import things, how to edit imported things individually, how to make complicated shapes with circles, using the tape measurer, and from previous classes, how to manage 3d objects in photoshop which is usually in 2d. I could/would use these skill in future if I need to like make a poster or a video on a subject, because these skills could be very useful.



Tech 3D Blog Header

When we got this assignment I had the idea of using a musical reference. But I wanted it to be subtle, and I thought of the song Four Seasons by Vivaldi, so I chose to put the four seasons as the background of my blog. I learn from this how wide the header of the blog can be, as in how many pixels wide.

joeyM-tech3d-Blog Header