LA Reading Blog #2


Book Equivalent #   3   Words: 190,400 Date: 16/9/15         Book Worths Read so far: 6
Title: The Assasins Blade                                                                Author: Sarah J. Maas    

Genre ~ Non-Fiction / Fiction Type:


Opening Sentence: 

Seated in the council room of the Assassins’ Keep, Celaena Sardothein leaned back in her chair.

Favourite word / phrase / sentence:

She couldn’t tell what was worse: a quck beheading, or yeilding to the king.

Vocabulary and new terms (with part of speech) and definitions, antonyms and synonyms:





Reflection, Connection & Personal Response: 

This is a story made of stories, and I feel it is to represent Celaena’s journy being in different segments, ignoring the ambiguous parts of unimportance. I can connect how Celaena felt when Sam died, as the loss of somebody is very hard. I can also connect to how I trusted someone, but in the end they betrayed us, just like how Ansel betrayed Celaena in the end




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When we got this assignment I had the idea of using a musical reference. But I wanted it to be subtle, and I thought of the song Four Seasons by Vivaldi, so I chose to put the four seasons as the background of my blog. I learn from this how wide the header of the blog can be, as in how many pixels wide.

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