Water Cycle

Yesterday in science class, we drew a water cycle or hydrological cycle explaining where water comes from and what happens to water at each stage of the water cycle. As you can see in the below picture, I will start at the evaporation stage where it usually starts off at, but off course if you didn’t have the other steps, the water cycle would not work. So first, the water is being evaporated from the ground. Wether its from lakes, trees, oceans, etc, the water drys up and then evaporates. Usually after the evaporation stage, the water will be up in the clouds, and as all of you know, evaporation is when water turns into water vapour and when it rises to the clouds, the cloud is cold as in temperature and then it condenses the water vapour into water and then precipitation starts to happen. When precipitation happens, the water falls back to the earth and then the whole process starts again. From evaporation to condensation and lastly precipitation.

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