Maia of Thebes Elog

So first at the beginning of the book Maia parents has just died and she has to live with her uncle and aunt. However, her uncle and aunt is very mean and always force them to do things. Now, Maia is stuck with her uncle, aunt and her brother Seti, Seti is a nice brother and they also have a servant called Ipi, which is also very nice. So Maia’s brother, Seti is a scribe at the temple and learns there. As you know, only boys are allowed to be scribes and that scribes were very well respected. Maia’s dad is a priest at a temple and he works there as a very high respected priest. So one day Maia went off outside and met these two people called Meret and Nerfet. Maia saved nerfet from an attacking monkey which Meret could have possibly died if she didn’t help and Nerfet was Meret’s mom. Then one day in the festival Maia suspected her dad was stealing grain from the temple and then asks the God of Amun if he was stealing the grain during the festival and she bowed meaning that he was stealing. So then Maia knew that she was going to get punished with her family so then she seeks refuge with Meret and Nerfet. After a while, she decides to leave to seek refuge and go back to Thebes. In Thebes her dad was sent to trial and then they get exiled while Seti didn’t have to because he was respected as a scribe. However, Maia did have to go to jail. In jail, there was a jailer that was also in prison than helped Maia as she wrote a letter to Hatshepsut giving back a golden feather than she gave to Maia earlier in the book and then Hatshepsut gets Maia out of Jail.


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