Mystery Mania Presentation Reflection

Nathan Chan energetically portrayed the main character Miranda, from the novel of When Your Reach Me by Rebecca Stead.

His voice was a strong element in giving life to the character and to the presentation. His pace, clarity and modulation brought the character of Miranda to life. Portraying her thoughts, feelings and personality. Many of his sentences were concise with more than enough detail for the listeners to understand the characters, the book and the feelings of the main character. More physical presence needs to be added which will develop the character and bring the audience into his presentation.

The physical character was well developed by him, by his wig had shown the characters personalities through the costume. The use of space was also a key factor that he had accomplished. Many of the character’s body language was missing during the presentation however the tone and the volume were added in a precise manner.

Even though the time limit was strictly added to the presentation, Nathan did a great job of making his presentation close to two minutes. He included precise information that was easily understood by the audience. His main point and conflict were addressed to the audience leaving the ending hinder for the audience to guess. Which will make them eventually read the book.

Mystery Mania

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