Grade 8 Reading

Popularity Reading Formative

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 My First Conk Reading FormativePhoto on 21-9-15 at 12.36 pm #2Photo on 21-9-15 at 12.36 pm
 My First Conk Reading Formative Reflection
Overall I think that I did pretty well. I understood the main parts of the story and what the author was trying to tell. I was able to successfully use an opinion, quote and details to support my evidence/answer. Next time I need to be more careful when it comes to answering two questions by adding another quote.

Reading Summative Reflection – Chinese Cinderella
Overall I thought that I did pretty well on this summative. I was able to correctly answer the questions and complete it with a paragraph for each part. Previously on the other formative reading comprehensions I failed to do so, but now I think that I will be able to do it consistently on other tests. I also enjoyed reading the story and it was great to learn about Adeline and her family.

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Language Arts Formative Reading Assessment America the Not-so-Beautiful

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Language Arts Reading Summative My Reprehensible take on Teen Literature
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I think that overall I did extremely well on this assessment as well as the previous ones in the past. I think that over the semester my answers have been more thorough and improved a lot. Looking ahead, I can add more details by supporting every single statement that I make with the evidence from the story


Book Club Discussion Recording Chapter 1- 26

Overall I think that I did a decent job of continuing the conversation try to support both our ideas and asking more out of Matthew (sam was sick). I think that I did a good job of asking him questions which help uncover his own thinking eg. “What made you think so?” “Where about shows your reasoning” etc. I think that our talk was filled with good information and both of us were contributing very much. Next time I think that I need to think about communicating properly and not interrupting whilst my book partners are speaking this is because I did many times and it was not very kind because I wanted to say something very eagerly. Next time i should wait for my teammates to finish speaking and then say what I connect/predict alongside.

Book Club Discussion Recording Whole Book

Overall I think that I did a better job than last time. The conversation was kept up by all of us contributing the same amount. I think that I did a good job of asking for more thinking and a thorough answer about the book which made my teammates think harder and give a better explanation. I think that next time I need to improve on keeping my words to myself and trying not to interrupt at times. Although this was quite accidental I realised that I was interrupting my team mates more than the other on accident and I think that next time I need to calm down, listen to what they have to say then add what I think about everything. Overall I think that I really enjoyed this book and it offered a perspective to how the main character reacts to the different challenges that he faces.

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Everything Has Its Cost
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Overall I am quite proud of my work. I think that my video was effective to show the main themes and literary devices and the relationships between all of them. I think that my video had good pictures and I was clear throughout the video. Another strength was my introduction because I told the audience what I was going to compare. Music was definitely a struggle for me because I wasn’t sure how to add music because I didn’t want it to be playing for the video. When I added mini sound tracks to the video, sometimes it was too loud and it was hard to hear what I was saying. As for next time, I think that I will need to adjust the volume level so that the music isn’t distracting the audience. Also some times when I spoke, I started to slow down a lot and it might have been distracting for the audience, I will need to make sure that it is clear and fluent.


The Outsiders Brain frame

Cause and Effect Brain frame Chapters 1-5Photo on 27-4-16 at 2.18 pm


Sequencing Brainframe Chapters 1 – 12

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I think that my brain frame was a success. Although I accidentally made a cause and effect   brain frame at the beginning, I was able to erase it and complete my sequencing brain frame for the whole book. Overall I spent a lot of time completing because I had to clarify my knowledge with the book. Throughout making the brain frame, remembering the details and the sequencing of the events (how many boxes, how to split) was the biggest challenge for me. I did not know how many boxes of events I should include my brain frame, worrying that I won’t spread out the events evenly. Overall I am quite pleased with my work because I put a lot of effort outside of class to work on my brain frame. My grade for this brain frame was ME.


Reading Formative #1

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Reading Non-Fiction Formative #2

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Non Fictions Summative
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Shakespeare 400 Day

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