Grade 8 Writing

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Photo on 21-9-15 at 12.35 pm #2Overall I think that I could have improved more on this writing piece. For the future I plan on spending more time by editing my piece and also organising my story so that the details are well planned. On the other hand, I think that I did a good job with my spelling and my conclusion.

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Writing Summative

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Poem Formative
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Persuasive Writing Formative

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Persuasive Writing Summative

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Overall I think that I have improved a lot from the beginning when we started the persuasive writing unit. My vocabulary and sentence fluency has improved a great deal and has gotten better over the year. One thing that I still need to improve on is verifying my sources and make sure to cite them correctly in my piece when I am quoting them.

6 Word PEAK story
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Literary Techniques in The Giver

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I think that the second time that I wrote my essay it was a huge improvement to the first time. Next time I need to take these types of writing practices more seriously and also focus on my grammar. During the first paragraph, I did not even write my name, core or date.


EHIC Summary Writing Summative

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The Outsiders Literary Device Analysis + Reflection

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Overall I think that I did quite well, especially for sentence structures and spelling. The text to speech was an extremely useful tool when I was editing my draft. Although I didn’t read my text outside like I usually did in summatives, text-to-speech was able to help me when I didn’t spell a word correctly because it was really easy to tell. Next time I wish that I had cited my sources earlier and added MLA citations to the end of my essay. Looking forward for improvements, I need to work on the sentence varieties that I am using to make sure that they include multiple sentence lengths and complexes and also my vocabulary that I am using.

Modern Macbeth Text 

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 Summative Double Entry Journal Rubric + Piece

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Grade 8 note taking for Macbeth – The Witches Scene BrainframePhoto on 6-6-16 at 2.03 pm #2

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